DWC and Microbe use

Today I washed off the rot residue from my bubble bucket plant roots. Put plant back into clean bucket and solution. Added microbes per directions on bottle. When will I know if they worked? I did do the hour soak with H2O2 last week .

You should try to figure out where the rott came from in the first place because sometimes no matter how much money or how many things you try to throw at a problem, if you never figured out what that real problem is , you may never solve the problem… not trying to be a smart-ass just trying to help you out , so look at what’s causing this problem… probably either not enough air for the water , or the water is too warm and if you can get that fixed then the microbes are just a benefit but I doubt they will actually fix your problem hope that helps good luck…


rot is from grow room temp 85 degrees. Hopefully the weather change here will solve problem as it cools off. I have 2 new sprouts in rockwool plugs and 2 new clean buckets ready for them. Hopefully If I pretreat with microbes, I can avoid the issue. Whatcha think, will it work. I am totally new to hydro, and also totally dedicated o getting it right…no matter how many times I screw up

you have mentioned room temps but what was the water temperature?

it should be between 68F and 71F, a little cooler, not much warmer.
the warmer water, above 75F and definitely above 78F will not hold alotta oxygen.
you need maximum aeration at those temps and even then, growing will be a challenge.

finally getting down to upper 70’s here. Adding water thermometer to my list. Initially, plant had 10 inch roots (Very thin) at 2 weeks. Now 5 weeks and All the thin roots are gone from rot… I did have 6-7 roots which are thicker(1/8 inch). Should I keep trying with H2O2 or else microbes instead? If all else fails, can it be successfully moved into dirt?

I dunno if you beat the rot…if you stick with H2O2, you may need it thru the whole grow…and other solutions for stress and root growth.

If you go the beneficial microbe route then use peroxide, the beneficials are dead.

the rot isn’t fun…It’s hard to beat, it hides out and blossoms under the right conditions and the bigger the root mass, the more spots to hide away, waiting.

many pH or ppm/tds/ec meters have thermometers.

moving to soil may break more roots but has been done successfully by someone in this forum.

I know there are people reading this that can help more

Well, my water temp is 78 degrees. I do have a 6 outlet pump w/2 inch airstones. And a heck of a lot of determination. It is clear this is going to be an ongoing issue with the root rot. I have a couple of new sprouts (Herer and Big Bud cross). I guess I will try one with microbes and one with H2O2. I am sure this has been tried before. Can members let me know it turned out. Thanks in advance for your input.

can you post photos of the roots?

maybe @Majiktoker can advise

lemme see, roots found to have rot.
mid 80’s air temp
78F water temp
did a one hour soak H2O2 @ 30 ml/gal
started beneficial microbes

78 seems a little warm maybe move it down to 68-72 degrees they’ll love it

Thanks to all for your input. So, here’s the deal… grow room temp 80. Water temp 78. Recurrent rot in DWC Bubble Buckets. From what I have been taught here, high temps encourage rot and can lower oxygen levels. Microbes AND root rot will thrive in warmer temps. Just finished 1 hour soak H2O2 3% at 40ml/gal. Cleaned all the buckets, new nutes, ph down to 5.8, 20 cc/gal H2O2 3%., 4 gal solution in 5 gal bucket. My thinking is that I will Try a sterile environment. Plus the extra O2 release from peroxide will supplement O2 in solution. Current plan is to add H2O2 3% at 15ml/gal each 3 days to hopefully keep plant free of rot. To all who have responded to my recent questions, a Big Thanks for your knowledge and respect.

Well, it’s been a few days… long, rotted roots mostly disappeared. Good News is I have 1 inch white roots coming out sides of netpot, and they are thicker than previous root mass. I did re-dose yesterday with H2O2.

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Hey @bryan one cheap way to keep your water temp down is to put a couple of small frozen water bottles in your dwc buckets. You’ll need to change bottles around twice a day. The colder water keeps the bactiria that causes root rot in check . @peachfuzz and @Majiktoker and @kabongster are spot on about water temps.

@bryan, let me clarify a couple of things .one get the water temp down below 72f or youll fight root rot . even with the Beneficial’s added .Next when you use the peroxide fill up the buckets to half way up the mesh pots ,and leave 2days .flush well and add a good dose of botani care Hydro guard to you newts . at 65 f the roots will thrive …also clean the underside of the lid .as well .
Hammer .

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@Hammer thanks bro for chiming in

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Thanks for the info. I am still working on fixing root rot, but it is looking better after switching my nutrients. I have been using FloraNova brand. What I have found is it appears the residue from the nutrients has been contributing to the problem, especially with my water temps staying 78. Plus the residue was blocking off the 2 inch airstones. Adding H2o2 15 cc/gal each 3 days, swithched nutes to Envy A B, which keeps reservoir water crystal clear. I hope decision to go sterile versus microbes works out. End result, for now, rot is gone. A big thanks to all who have taken their time to help.

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Glad we could be of service kind sir .
Hammer .

Update… No root rot after switch to H2O2 and nutrient change. I did increase my peroxide frequency to every other day, as growing conditions remain less than ideal.