Dwc about roooooots



If grow dwc is it ok to slice of the roots hanging down.
Have a mister in bucket and its get warm so want shorter the roots its ok?

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Isn’t the purpose of dwc to submerge the roots in solution to feed plants?


Need more info what are you trying to do exactly


Root prune so its grow more out of hole on net pot.
Want use fogger in bucket but roots gets brown,the fogger is warm so roots fucks up. So want them more in net pots hole and later I most put fogger out air stone in but not before roots got crazy i Think.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it either severely stunts, or kills the plant.

Have you ever heard of octopots?

Just trying do this dont now nothing about it and no one it look like.
But root prune in soil is no problems and in water things go faster this time to good I hope.:grin:

If roots are turning brown sounds like root rot too warm of solution you can use hydroguard also to protect against this my water I keep around 70 to 73 and never had a root issue but you want the roots in the water level about two inches below net pot when developed

Iam new at dwc what is hydroguard?

Do you get more fast growing whid cooler water?

I now dubble air stone make faster grow.
But dont now if it grow faster whid water temp in 15° then 25° do you?