DWC 21L pots x10 OR Wilma x 8 pots 18L?

Price is like… 40 usd difference. Ive got
X 2 600w MH for veg and HPS for flower.
All the bells and whistles for temp, humidity, ph, bla bla
1.2 x 2 x 2.4 meter tent
11 little unborn ladies
Fox farm trio and some ahark quick routing powder ( only doing 1 or 3 plants in soil now)
ALL Depenes on if DWC or drip resevouir is best! Its a nice peoblem to have… and ive almost spent all my savings on this set up.
Please help me make the right choice. Maximim yield no 1 most important thing.

Get thru your first grow with what you have already invested in now and get it dialed in first and once you see a return than you start tweaking and upgrading. If not man you will be out of pocket every week on all the new stuff that’s out , so I suggest you figure out your setup you have bow first, learn the plants and the nutrient line and finish a couple of harvest, than venture out. The market has grown so much and it’s a ton of equipment, nutrients, and all sorts of gadgets out there you will be out of pocket a few thousand before you smoke one bud.

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Ahhh i totally agree yoshi, good to see your stoll active on here by the way.
The thing is DWC means simplified everything, and no soil grower can grow as fast as a hydro grower now can they? I mean, if your going to go all in… might as well do it with the equipment that will grow your ladies fastest and strongest with minimum risk of disease ect. Clay pebbles and constant consistent oxygoenated and nutrient rich water… is surely a great invesment.

Right I mean spend as less as possible until it’s all figured out than invest minimal as needed are you end up like me out of pocket about $5,000 on a lot of unnecessary stuff needed when I could of spent three times less to get the same results. The primary key is to grow the best quality with the least amount of spending. There are guys out doors tripling indoors growers yield and all they buy is seeds?

Mhmm its tempting for some, but my climate is unsustainable for mj.
So more lights or DWC?

Buy pumps and baskets make your own units with 2 600w you have a 3x6’ footprint which you can easily be filled with 2-3 plants or 6 smaller plants.
It can be somewhat more costly growing in hydro to start until you learn your system and what nutrients and additives work best for each strain

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I appreciate your input Don.
I’m thinking hydro is the best in long term and less likely to get some nasty pests ect
Plus the yields and time frame of hydro is rather amazing, just can’t find any better except with DWC and the trip system at the same time.
Thinking of getting another tent 2 x 2 x 2 m for flowering, and using the one i have for veg, and attempt to keep a constant grow, both rooms filled to capacity type dealio.
This is my first grow, but at the end of the day I’m passionate about it and wont give up - so why not go all in i say :slight_smile:

Drip systems can require a little more experience and you can actually make your own airlift drip if you are so inclined it runs of same air pump as DWC unit would only need a plastic pipe a T connector to match or elbow cheap and easy to build. I find most units sold online either have too small res or cheap pumps

they are amazingly over priced to… 9 holes in a plastic container for pots - sold with hydro pots, 120 usd

most are garbage and lucky if you can grow 2 plants in them they are designed for lettuce and garden plants not the monsters we want to grow

mhmmm I’m still undecided on sea of green or some monsters. I mean commercial says sea of green, yet everyone on here seems to prefer monster plants. As its all about yield for me, its quite confusing.

both will get similar yield one is less an issue since many places have laws based on number of plants less plants equals less trouble all around less plants is less seeds/clones needed less genetic variables