Dutch Master nutriants


has any one out there used Dutch Master Gold a&b bloom nutriants …?? am looking to upgrade from connoisseur AN, getting low . amazon will ship free and can get them in 1 gal quantizes … also wondering about their product ADD.27


This was a brand I used in the 90s and then is was over priced but now its in the mid price line
It worked back then so It should now and I liked the gold bottles looked cool on the shelf.
I filled a 50L hold tank with 2 capsfull of each weekly and they was it with out fail faultless crops for years
No Ph tester of ppm meter cost way too much back then never had a problem lol
There wasn’t much of these addons back then so I don’t know about them and I am sure they were not widely used back then by any one I knew.


So is the gold the newer or older of the series ??? by that i mean the Dutch master series that is shown in the nutrient section at the bottom of the forum .??thanx Hammer …


I am not sure about the master series I only used the gold back then there wasnt too many choices and most hydro stores tended to stick to one or two brands
I dont remember seeing the master ones.and I gave every thing away when I quit growing.
The gold was really good back then in my aeroponics setup some of the cheaper ones tended to block up sprinklers.


thanx i appreciate the replie the ones on the forum come in a black container …didn’t know if its just a new wrapper… PS. i hope your back to growing , its one of the few things i truly love doing. peacefull world all its own :relaxed:


I have just restated in the last 2 months for this plant but I have been growing veggies at home in hydro and dirt and at work in a huge green house using hydro so I still have the hours up just not canna hours :slight_smile: but after around 20 years I have picked it up again and I know heaps more now.
Instead of doing things because I have to I now know why I do them if that makes sense.


very much so .ha ive grown for many years .but spending time on the forum has taught me the why . and how to do better , just recently have bought a r.o. system that i love . wish i had it 15 years ago … the water here in alaska is very well suited for mj growing .do you mind if i ask what strain your growing ?? iam currently running Borderliner extrm , rainbow kush and super silver haze .from AMS.


i had failed seeds on my last order after a few weeks I gave up and tipped them out in the compost heap
a few days later I was walking by and 2 little green heads where growing on top.
So I cleaned them up re-potted so now I have no idea what they are.
I had 3 bag seeds 4 white widow and 2 gold leaf so any 2 of those.
Going off the leaf shape and size I think they are the same and both Gold Leaf but that is a guess.


i hope they turn out for you . Had to laugh alittle about the compost pile … i bought gold leaf on my first order from these guys ,then placed a second order from AMS which arrived first .so ran with them wanna see a pict ?Hammer


Do I want to see a pic ?
I cant believe you asked that lol

Anyone want to guess what strain these are ?
They are 23L cloth pots and are draining after a feed
The pots are on wheels and a 50cm metalround grill but spend an hour over these trays after feeding
I hate mess every thing needs to be clean or I get stressed out lol


Beautiful, look’s like you have a good handle on it are you gonnai scrog these ??? ill post a pict in a few mins got to go take an update pict of my girls, just started new cuttings ,in my mothers closet ,.last one’s room got to warm and they slimed on me ,SSOOO it was time to do some remolding there . yes i hate messes to much especially in my grow room or my shop …A place for every thing AND every thing in it’s place … Hammer


I have some wire scrogs setup but not sure if I will use them they seem to be doing ok atm so I may just tie them back if needed later and not knowing what they are makes planing out hard, also if they are different I could just making it too hard for myself.
I have topped twice one fim’ed really early to help fatten the plant and re-tipped about 2 weeks ago so the lower branches catch up and give me 4 mains other then that no trimming or pruning at all.
It looks tight now but after the stretch it will all look even again.


ok just got back from GR had aahh shit minute broke my ph pen got careless cleaning it broke the bulb , ordered a new one on amazon 20.00$ and i own a back up but it’s a little slow . Like me these days LoL… also so had to prune a little . normally in the past i never pruned branches only the shade leave’s on the main stock and the outer if they were blocking light . but having seen some of the pruned plants on here i thought id give it a try . by thinning down the small spiggs on the inner part of the branches . make since ?? @##$ puter internet is slow wont let me up load picts … ill reset and try again Hammer Tried again but to no avail , my internet is satellite so it bog’s down at nite .:confounded:


Do you use led’s although your grow ?? i considered using all led’s for my main room it’s 7x15 . i used to use 2 -1000 watt MH .but decided to join the modern age got digital 600watt hps/mh 3 air cooled tubes on line very reasonable solis teck ballist and light bulbs. i like very well so far . first crop with them .then decided on an R.O. system . loving it … did i mention i was lovivg it …lol lol Hammer


one more try on picts .

the first one here is a pict of my pruning as i said in the above i don’t usually prune but have seen the results of pruning on the forum ,thought id give it a try … the second pict is taken on the 6-17-16 used my growgles as a filter the last is my mother chamber being used for clones at the moment


also one more comment on DM nutes . latewood posted an answer for me on the DM nutes .in short the gold series is their new line …But it requires more of it’s formula and is more expensive … so iam going to follow his advice and go with the advanced series of DutchMaster … save the money and get a good quality product … and amazon will ship to Alaska for free …my local hydro store is 100 miles away one way … and their products tend to be Dated ., Hammer


I saw that on Amazon and noticed the price as well Hammer. Keep us posted when you try it, I’d like to know too


Will do … as iam ordering in a week or two… as it is now iam using AN, Connoisseur… and i add 260ml of part a bloom and part b bloom .over a cup of EACH per week …at a price of 90.00$ us per gallon each part total of 4 parts needed total of 360. plus i use a couple of add on’s that i now believe are just over priced…but must use them up .as i still have some of their 3 part series . but my micro for the 3 part is well water formula . and iam now running Strictly R.O. and loving it … the nute’s i bought from Advanced nutriants was more than the original price of my R.O. system …