Dust and passive intake vents

I am growing two autos in a 2ft x 4ft x 5ft grow tent, I am running a small carbon filter inside the tent and have my vents open on the bottom to balance out negative pressure caused by the filter. I am wondering if maybe because my tent is in my garage (and I live in New Mexico) if more dust potentially might be being pulled into my grow tent through the passive filters on the bottom than my filter can scrub. I’ve only had the filter running a few weeks and the pre filter cover is already filthy.

Filter the intake on one of the round vents on the bottom
I use one like this

What I use on my intake for drying tent too. “Washable”


That is such a great idea. I’ve been looking for pre filter ideas and didn’t give that a thought. I have one sitting there as well. Another top tip :sunglasses:

What are the diameter of that filter? Will it fit 6" filter hose?

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I have it in a 6" tent vent between the inner and outer seal.

Clever idea!

This is what I use. Horti Control. Attach to vent pipe and cinch it up

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Pantyhose works great and I’m sure your wife has a set you can make “disappear”

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Those filters look good but damn pricey. Are they efficient for odor or just dust particulates? @beardless

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@Audiofreak intake - dust. Washable too. You are right about $

Mine are for a vac I got 2 for $1 at the lost package store. 6" and washable

These are great filters, and on sale at the moment, however due to everthing that is going on they have a min $550 min to put in an order

This saved the Mobile Armor in Irag back in Desert Storm. Pantyhose on the intakes to keep dust out of the turbines on M1 Abrams tanks.