Durban Poison week 8 4 days

She’s 60 days since I flipped her to 12/12 schedule. Should I cut some of the bigger leaves or let her continue to fatten up?


Looks like she’s still got a few weeks left to go, I’d leave her where she’s at on leaf removal, looks like a nice job with the training and spacing.


Maybe larger fan leaves still attatched to a stem …but I don’t even see too many …the colas will need those leaves to collect energy and as long as you have good ventilation I’d let her ride …u have some time just by seeing a good deal of white hairs still

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Really nice looking plant and I second great job on spacing out !!

Both these great cultivators @CurrDogg420 @Lacewing nailed it :love_you_gesture:

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She looks awesome. Don’t see any need to remove much. Unless there’s a fat one blocking a bud site. Great Cultivar. May be my next run. Love that Durban!

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Thank you all for your input. I’ll follow your lead and leave her be.