Durban Poison Soil or not to soil?

Okay I read the review on Durban Poison and it says not for growing in soil in doors but can be grown outside in soil no problem That absolutely makes no sense they only recommend Hydroponic set up for indoors Okay on my next grow I’m fixing too put this to the test and will grow Durban Poison indoors in soil and I bet anyone I will have no problems besides Germinating and Johnny Law.

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I’ve grown 1 durban poison inside in soil and it hermied on me. It’s the only hermie I’ve had. I’ve got some more dp seeds and may try another one this next grow.

I have never had not one Hemi on me not one In the 3+yrs indoor grows only outdoor grows which I will never do again .

i got 3 durban poison going now, 11 days in 5 gal pots, starting a lil cal mag now but they are growing good. the other 3 are purple kush, they are smaller. I hope they dont hermie. wahhhhh