Durban poison ready?

Hey everyone. Just wondering if anyone’s got any input on if this Durban Poison looks ready to chop? Today is week 10 since I flipped, I was thinking a couple more days but not :100:. Any ideas? Thanks. Oh and sorry for the crappy photos and the random cat hairs :unamused:

I’d say you’re in the harvest widow. I don’t see amber yet and a few white pistils. How about when the clear ones turn cloudy I’m guessing 1week maybe a bit more. I like to see a few ambers on the buds.

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Durban poison

Still time to go … being a sativa it takes alot longer


My god what a leafy mess. And there’s a hair in every single photo smh.

Put up more pics in a week or two.

Yea I don’t even let the cats into the grow area but they still manage to get everywhere. I’ll pick them off when I’m manicuring. Thanks.

And just curious about a leafy mess? I’ve literally removed everything but sugar leaves, some of those have been removed as well. Should I have defoliate more?

Just wash them when you harvest.


Yea I’ve been reading about that recently. I try my best to keep my tents clean and free of debris. But without having a dedicated grow room/ wearing tyvec suits and what not it’s hard. I normally just keep a pair of tweezers handy when I’m manicuring for the random hair or bug. Something about dipping my freshly harvested buds in water scares me. :grimacing:

@Reeferleafer I see plenty of white pistils mixed in still. I am guessing a couple more weeks. But looking good.

You can do a bud wash at the end. Just rinse it well and let her dry. Add a fan so mold can’t form. Many do this successfully on here. I don’t bud wash. Too hot and humid on the southern coastline of Texas.

Someone will have the link to the Youtube
Video about bud washing as its pretty popular here.


Agreed. Some of the buds are in the 50/50 range while others are 75/25 as far as pistols go. I had a problem with high temps the past couple weeks due to high humidity problems and having to get a dehumidifier. Had a week or so of 85+ temps where I noticed increased pistol growth. Since then I’ve had to get a window unit and have decreased my temps to 75 max. These summer weather patterns are a bitch.

That is the key to controlling tent temps is by controlling the room temperature. And it sounds like you did just that. It makes a huge difference as 85 is starting on the high side. I have had temps of 100 degrees till I managed the room temps. All good now. Window AC.

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Definitely. Before the window unit I was sleeping in the living room on the couch. Somehow my wife managed to sleep in the hot ass bedroom. I’ve figured out if I’m not comfortable in there neither are my ladies. Except my wife….

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I know the feeling about being hot in the bedroom. No Central AC so I have a big floor fan blowing on me 24/7.

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Defending on the high you are looking for i say you might be ready to start 2 wees flush or just chop itndown

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And here is a couple more pics where I noticed a bit of amber. I’m just worried to let them get overripe. I’ve got a decent green thumb. I just know harvest time is very crucial. Thanks to everyone on here my last harvest was a major success. :+1:

Some great trichomes porn 4 sure

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Yea I started flushing about a week ago. Actually been taking it easy on the nutes this grow and trying to stay organic as much as possible.

You good than 4 real. If you are looking for the highest thc this your window to chop. If you want some more amber and couch lock let it go for 1 2 more weeks

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My cat finally learned not to go in the tent when he came out with a yellow sticky trap on his back….

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