Durban poison outdoors

Has anyone grown Durban poison outside. I know it days it’s a Sativa, and should handle the climate I’m in ,but would like to have some first hand experience ,and knowledge from the group on soil growing it outdoors.

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Durban poison is one of the few strains that does better outside than inside. I’ve tried to grow durban poison indoors and it hasn’t gone so well.

I grew 3 Durban poisons outdoors. Had to bend them down to stay under the fence so no one could see them. If I didn’t bend them down or top them they would of been over 10 ft tall


Good looking bunch. So from what I’ve read on this post it’s a outside plant with a great growth. Anything that gave you all issues besides growing them inside is not a great idea.

Great outdoor plant.

You could grow them inside but your won’t get the yeild. Durban poison is a low odor strain also so it won’t smell up the whole neighborhood. But it still smells nice when you are close to it. It didn’t really give me an issue other than a little bitnof bud rot towards the end because we had a bunch of rain. Just make sure you shake them off when it rains during flower. It was a decent yield but not the most I’ve ever had per plant.


Well update. Put 9 in water five have tails and four haven’t cracked open give them another day. But 24hours was what it took for the five to open up. Can’t wait may try and journal them. But thanks to all that have responded. Hopefully I get them all to harvest without no major problems.