Hey guys I need some expert help, it appears that my Durban Poison is having an issue with her nutes. I feed the last times with week 8 and 9 fox farm trio nutes schedule which calls for 15ml of big bloom, 10ml of grow big, 10ml of tiger bloom, I also suplement with .75ml of bud candy, and 5ml of Cali-magic with does contain 1% N. I just watered with PH 6.0 water 3-4 days ago I’m wondering should I just water again with plain ph water or should I feed her with a week 10 schedule that drops the grow big from 10ml to 0. I’m growing in 5gal fabric pots in Pro-Mix HP temps are 82 f lights on mid to high 60’s lights off and humidity I can’t seem to get steady with lights on it’s around 37-40%. I have outgrown my tent so I can’t have a humidifier in the tent I have it on the outside near the intake set at 55% but still can’t get humidity up. I started seeing pistils October 2nd so I’m in week 5 of flower? I have a blackberry kush that is only showing slight tip burn, both are under a HLG 260 with the power turned up all the way and about 10-12” from the top of the plant which is my absolute ceiling until this grow is over and I can move my exhaust fan outside the tent

. Any suggestions please I don’t want this strain to die before I get to harvest and smoke her.


That far into flower I would probably feed one more time then plain ph water from then on out. And raise your ph to 6.5


@HornHead she started flower (seen pistils October 2nd) so this week five shouldn’t it have 4 to 5 more weeks left, isn’t that a little long to let he starve or is my thinking skewed?

You look farther along that that. @Myfriendis410 grow in promix he can help you better

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@HornHead I was out of town for work a week after I flipped to 12/12 before I left on the 30th of September I had no visible pistils but the person watering them sent pictures of a lot of pistils on October 4th so I guessed October 2nd as first day of flower. Thatnks for the help it’s very appreciated.

@OU812 First problem is what you are doing with the FF Nutrients and I’m surprised no one caught that.

This is Grow Big.

This is Tiger Bloom.

This is Big Bloom.

Grow big you use 2 weeks after transplanting. First signs of flower stop using.

Big bloom can be used after the plant has been transplanted aka the same time to use when you do Grow Big. You can use to the very end.

Tiger Bloom start using when you see flowers forming till the final weeks.

So using all three at the same time is one of your problems.

So when did you last calibrate your PH meter?

What is the TDS of the nutrient solution going in?

How about a list of the N,P,K ratios on the products?

Your plant is hungry and needs everything IMO. You may have in particular K deficiency but if you have a lockout that would explain it. FF recommends regular flushes which I would highly recommend you follow as FF nutes leave a lot of residual salts.

Stop adding humidity. You want your plant to be in dry conditions. In the last two weeks before I harvest I slam the RH down as close to 20% as possible. (This prevents bud rot and pushes trichome production)

We will be able to heal your problem but damaged leaves will not recover FYI. Look to new growth for improvement.

I would be at around 1,100 to 1,200 ppm at this point (heaviest demand) and watching for signs of def or excess. So lets see those numbers before doing anything.


@MrPeat I followed the fox farm schedule for soil and it has you feeding all 3 until two weeks after light flip, that’s what I followed to a t with watering with ph 6.0 water with Cali-mag and bud candy in between feedings. @Myfriendis410 I have not done the flush from transition to full flower that was suggested so you may have something there, I didn’t see any issues so I decided against that. The last flush I did was 15 gallons in between the light flip and PPM runoff was the same a going in so I waited until it dried out again before adding more nutes for transition period. I am watering with a gallon and a half and getting no runoff and feeding with 1 gallon at right around 1400ppm PH 6.0 with my apera ph60 meter that was calibrated probably 2 months ago, I don’t think it’s a ph meter issue because my blackberry is thriving fine and on the same schedule and ph is measured with the same meter. I’ll attach the feeding schedule I have been following until last feed I was good but started with tip burn so fed with less grow big at 10ml instead of the recommended 15ml.

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@Myfriendis410 also the nutrients for the trio is BIG BLOOM .01-.3-.7, GROW BIG 6-4-4, and TIGER BLOOM is 2-8-4, I also use CALI-MAGIC which is 1-0-0

@OU812 I have been using FF Nutrients since May 2018. If you read the actual bottles, you will see exactly what I posted already. The pictures I posted is from the description on the bottles.

And I’ve had zero issues.

@Myfriendis410 @MrPeat this was her October 23 which was a feed night and she was fed with week 9 schedule decreasing the N because of the burnt tips

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@OU812 If you follow the directions in the bottles, you shouldn’t have any problems. I personally don’t do any pH testing. I’ve pointed out exactly how you are using the nutrients wrong. Listen or don’t…I don’t have a pony in this race at all.

@MrPeat I mean no disrespect hopefully I didn’t sound as I was ignoring your advice but the directions on the bottles are pretty much the same as the feeding schedule so I am in reality following the labels you posted.

You are at peak demand now but 1,400 ppm may be too high for the plant. Always water to runoff and I’m assuming you have low TDS water like R/O (although FF bases their nutes off of tap IIRC).

Might be best to do a reset flush and when dry resume feeding but get a little Grow Big in there too just for the N. I would not go higher than 1,200 ppm (remember FF uses the 700 scale and not the 500 scale which your meter is calibrated for).

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@OU812 Nah…I didn’t take it that way. My experience is I’ve followed what I posted to the tee and have never experienced any problems at all.

My plants are always happy and healthy.

Regardless if he used the big grow during flower because the plant will only uptake the nutrients that it needs otherwise it will just not use them so there’s really no harm in Using them but there’s absolutely no benefit either


@Myfriendis410 I am not following on the 500-700 scale your referring to I’m new I’m sorry that may be a dumb question but this is my second grow and my first grow with the proper equipment the last grow was MG soil messed up whatever and overwater learning experience. I usually give them about 1 1/2 gallons per plant of feed or water and don’t water too runoff, I flushed before the flip which I believe was September 25 ish. Sorry not 100% percent I’m at work and didn’t bring my written journal with me. I was trying to correct the burnt tips so cut the N in half should I just feed with out the grow big as @MrPeat posted that grow big is used until flower or should I flush and then let dry and skip this feeding? Just confused a little but could be the vape hits of lemon pound cake clouding me up. I’m in no rush to water tonight they could wait another day if needed before we can all come up with a plan

Sorry guys that was a rambling I forgot to add my water is municipal water I run through a carbon filter to filter the chlorine I got at my local grow shop. I have been using this since day one and ppm of the tap is about 200ppm

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The TDS called out in the grow schedule is based on a different scale than the one your meter is calibrated for and should actually be about 1/3 lower than stated for a 500 scale. 1,100 to 1,200 ppm

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@Myfriendis410 so my 1400ppm I’m getting really is 1200 of nutrients because my tap is 200? Is that correct in my thinking?

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