Durban poison Male or Female

I have 4 Durban Poison which I thought all 4 to be male but these small balls seem to keep opening up with new growth. They are in their first week of flower (13 weeks since germination) along with 4 other strains which are clearly female and showed pistils by week 5 of veg. Just wondering why it’s taking so long to be certain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is the first time I’ve grown this strain.

That’s looks like a straight male. Oddly enough I had a Durban Poison given to me that had ONE single bud that hermied.

These balls keep sprouting new growth and all 4 dp seem to have the same thing going on. Thanks for the reply. Debating on just taking them out, or I may give it another week to make sure while keeping a close eye on them. Usually at this age the balls would be much larger and these are just different then any of my other strains.

It appears male from what I can see. I’d quarintine it just in case and then see. I wouldn’t leave it there to defile your ladies

No good…

Thank y’all. I think your right about taking them out just to be safe. I’m sure I have time before they pollenate but I may just go ahead and move them to their own tent with the cheaper equipment and move more of my females in this flower since I’m barley a week in. Thoughts ?

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That’s exactly what I would do. You can even collect the pollen and make yourself some seeds.

Why would you keep it? If you want seeds that is definitely understandable… if it was fem maybe it herm’d…I’m no professional and plz take that with a grain of salt just kicking ideas. Cause if it was then you don’t want the seeds. Again I’m just talking out loud!!

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No You are right, I don’t want seeds or the pollen, at the time I wasn’t 100% sure all 4 Durban Poison were male since some of my other strains had similar traits and ended up all being female which they also showed the pistils during week 4 of veg. These DP wouldn’t show anything until this last week and i just didn’t want to trash them til I was sure so I isolated them for a few days and now am certain of the sex. Wondering if i can reuse the loose soil for my next grow ? FFOF

I had to kill two of my healthy Humboldt Headbands. I had the same dilemma wondering if they were male, but thanks to the forum, these guys were very helpful in making a determination. It was a sad day. Chop chop.

Yeah… it sux to grow for 3-5 weeks only to see the male parts starting to show.