Durban Poison & Gorilla Cookies- Joe's First Grow, and Post

Hello All.
I am Joe. I have been wondering around here for a little while. Recently I joined in the fun and have 4 plants of my own. 2 Durban Poison and 2 Gorilla Cookies. I am a couple days short of a month in. I received them as little clones.
The setup:
39" x 39" x 72" Agromax Tent
5 Gallon pots
Detroit Nutrient Company Water Only Soil
Filter air recirculated with waste air dampened 6" fan 8" filter Vivosun
Filtered fresh air 4" fan
6" HTG Air Cooled Reflector 6" fan
600w Digital Greenhouse dimming hid ballast
PH and TDS meters from amazon
Watering with distilled, and tap water every few cycles- mine is 150 PPM 8.0 out of the tap. No idea of content.
Add fish sh!t once a week because I got some free bottles at the gardening store one day.
Add stump Tea on Tuesday sometimes.

Here they are three days after I got them and put them in these 5 gallon pots. 3/26


4/7 I cut the entire top off the front two plants and made clones



I have went through a couple of lighting setups trying to save money. I am learning. I want to really hone this craft, so therefore I have opened up to you all to help, critique, whatever. Ultimately I want to make some really good weed. I want to perpetual grow. Also, automation/ integration is an interest of mine, so you will see some of that as my setup progresses. I have a bunch more to share I hope this introduction isn’t too long.


Im interested to see how your super soil works for you. I’m watching. Keep us posted and happy growing.:sunglasses:

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Welcome to the site! Following!

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Thank you for the welcome. I am having great learning experience all around. Here is the clones I took from the clones.

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Nice, just an air stone in the bucket and how close to the bottom of the clone with the water? I am learning as well!

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The bucket has a water pump, a short plastic pipe, and a spinning sprinkler head on top.

The clone has about 3/4” to 1” inside the foam piece. The sprinkler sprays the bottom of the bucket lid continuously. The water level in the bucket just needs to be above the pump.

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Nice… Always looking for a good DIY project… What kind of sprayer? Did you build it?

It was a kit where I bought it, but to make it it would take:
5 gallon bucket
Small corded pond type submerged pump
Plastic pipe, sprinkler stuff
Sprinkler head that spins
The awesome lid and foam things are growbright.

The pump I got came with all sorts of thread adapters- adapting to sprinkler system stuff is not an issue. Sprinkler stuff is at Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc


Thank you!

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Welcome to the forum @GLI_fly_by_you you look like you’ve done your homework, il be following along. Good luck and happy growing :v:t2:

I’ve been doing my homework but I still feel lost in the woods :slight_smile:

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I got some of that fish shit samples myself. I believe it’s like mammoth p so you’ll wanna save it for flower

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There is so much to learn, I’m constantly reading books and scrolling through this site and taking notes. Growing absolutely fascinated me as does the plant and I’d love to try living soil too!

Welcome, i’m following although i use soil i am learning a lot about hydro. Just love learning


Welcome to the forum! Looks like you’re in great shape, keep up the good work!

Thanks again for all the warm welcoming. I figured I’d share some pics of my tent setup. It is evolving like I’m sure most everyone’s is. Here are the ladies tonight as well. I am getting excited now that they are starting to gain some size almost daily.

Welcome! I hope you are wildly successful!:grinning:

Thank you! I hope so too!

So, I have my first issue that I need help with. My two Durban poison ladies suddenly started drooping a bit and have discoloring on the largest fan leaves. Seemingly the ones in the center of the plant maybe most shaded. Is this dehydrated, not enough light, too much water??? They were doing so well. I ph my water to about 5.8 or so prior to watering. They were needing water every couple days- now seems every day.
I need the guidance of my peers at this point to keep my gals healthy.
Thanks all,