Durban Poison for outdoor in Central Virginia (USDA Zone 7a)?

Thinking about next year, I’d like to grow one monster plant outside, either in the ground or in a 25-gallon grow bag. From some cursory searching, it looks like Durban Poison might fit the bill.

Any growers in zone 7a had success with it?


I think @TheVirginian is someone you should meet. Not sure if he’s growing DP, but pretty sure he has some girls outside and could help with selection/timing/etc.

Happy growing

Also @repins12 @Raysvols69 and someone else… couple of outdoor Virginians.


thanks for the tag @PurpNGold74 , @ezwicky I’m not growing that strain but AM in VA (obviously, lol) and growing OUTside mostly. I have Blue Dream hybrids, Super Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookie and Zkittlez going and they ALL react/respond differently to nutes/watering/soil… been a fun time at the beginning figuring out how much to give each strain and how often but once i dialed that in (or so it seems, lol) they are really jumping in vegetation out there :slight_smile: Best wishes for success when you do begin. WEALTH of knowledge resides in this site and forums. UTILIZE it :wink: Don’t be afraid to ask questions or feel like folks will “look down on you” somehow, that’s what they’re HERE for is to help and are very helpful in doing so and polite and friendly (haven’t met anyone who was ugly to me yet here).


Thanks! I’m in Richmond, tiny postage-stamp yard with just a few sufficiently-sunny spots. And a lot of those are taken up with tomatoes :slight_smile:

I have some White Widow and Granddaddy Purple in smaller grow bags on the back-porch roof, watered daily by drip irrigation, and they seem to be doing fine so far.

But I read somewhere in another thread that Sativa-dominant strains are the way to go with out summer heat and humidity, and just for fun I want to grow a huge plant. Kind of like Lord Emsworth and his prize pig, The Empress.


I’m in NW Oregon…Durban is my fav. It finishes early…has a fantastic high and I’m sure will grow fantastic in VA.
Highly encourage you to forget about the 25 g pot.
Dig a hole 24-30” deep by 30” wide and fill with Fox farms ocean forest. I’ve been using this technique for many years… You will not be sorry

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I’m in the Blue Ridge Mountains, here in Virginia. Seems to me anything will grow here

5 or 6 different strains. Like @KannabisKurt said, if I was just gonna try to grow one monster, it would be directly in the ground. I think that, I would dig a wider hole, just to break the soil up a bit and top dress. Just my $ 0.02 :v:t4: :sunglasses:


I have a very interesting chart that shows how many gallons a dug out hole is in volume depending on the width and the depth of your hole. Someone did the math for us ;)…Shoot me over your email and I’ll send you the chart… I find it very interesting how many gallons of soil you can get into a relatively small width and depth of hole.
I grow monsters here in Northwest Oregon with 24 inch deep by 30 inch wide holes filled with Fox farms ocean forest. That soil is fantastic. I love to add some worm castings and my secret formula that I don’t share with many people… Wait for it… Drumroll please… Bat guano. That shit is magic… There’s a higher nitrogen version for veg… And a lower nitrogen higher phosphorus and potassium version for bud.
Just telling you what has worked for me here in the Pacific Northwest growing monsters in the ground in an environment that the plants need to be finished up by the first week of October at the latest else they will mold

PS… And I’m not kidding you here… I’ve grown over 20 separate strains in the last five years and Durbin poison is my absolute favorite for many reasons… PSS learn to super crop/bend…You will thank me later :slight_smile:


1 Gallon is 231 cubic inches in volume.

Pictures or it didnt happen!

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The bigger the root, the bigger the fruit!


Sorry for the delay…go to this link for an excellent chart on volume/gallons of soil for a specific hole size

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Nice but you sent that to me, I think you may havr intended to send that to the OP?

Hello All,

I live in central VA and I am currently growing an outdoor Durban Poison plant. So far so good. I started 4 different strains all purchased from ILGM, all outdoor. Hoping to see what does well here. Here is a pic of the DP. Haven’t grown in probably 15 years. Keeping it very simple this year, just watering and organic fertilizer.