Durban poison dwc grow


Trying a dwc grow with a Durban poison and this is going to be fun.


I like the beach rocks! I’m feeling it !

  • best of luck ! :thumbsup:


Lol, soon I’ll convince the rest of the members to jump to the darksside with aquaponics :imp: evil laugh

I noticed you offset your seedling. Is that because the rocks are a little heavier on the tap root?


@Dumme a little heavy. It’s just I was afraid to squish her. I know silly it’s a weed. I’ll get better. I’m used to 80-90’s hydro and this is so much easier. I may be switching to more of these.


Bubble buckets are as basic as you can get, as far as hydro, and easy to change to RDWC down the road as well. I think you’ll like the results :slight_smile:


Just looked and yes that’s what I would like to do to the larger tent after blue dream is run through it. In a 3x3 how many buckets do you think? I still want to run one soil grow in there for like dr grinspoon. I like soil under my nails.


3×3 is pretty small. I personally would only put one plant in that space, but I Veg for 2 months because that’s what my state allows. Two small plants could fit, but even then, it would be tight with RDWC.

It’s really all about how long to you Veg for. Remind me, is that Auto?


@Dumme This one is not it’s a photoperiod. I was going to put into 12/12 today. Courious on how a sativa grows this way.



:scream: I would wait, as she’s still just a seedling. You probably would be very unhappy if you put her in flower at this point.

You should keep her on 18/6 or more, hours of light, until she’s big enough to fruit. Once she reaches about half the total height of your choice, only then do you want to switch to flower period @ 12/12.


Most growers let her Veg for 3-6 weeks, before switching over. When did you plant her in the DWC?


Planted yesterday. She popped 10/6 she sat for a bit got too busy.


Wow been busy in the other tent and kinda forgot about her. God I love hydro


Crazy. Last week water change and 1 tiny little root and today looks like my daughter’s hair coming down. She’s happy. Upped the nutes for that growth. I love hydro and the techie stuff.


@ktreez420 how are you? I haven’t been on much and saw you.


I’m doing well, trying to get adjusted to the new life. How about you, the grow is looking awesome!


She took a dive. The air line popped off and she drowned. Sad. I’ve been just growing veggies for testing and now trying some pot plants now and having issues with seeds not taking. Grrrrrrr!!!


It’s ok, it happens to the best of us, don’t let it get you down! You’ll have more beauties up and growing soon!



All good got some Thai and chitral growing now. @ktreez420 have an awesome day