Durban Poison doesn't look like it

I bought seeds from I love growing marijuana Durban Poison yet the leaves are fat and the plants are not growing really tall instead fat and bushy seems like it’s more of an indica than a landrace sativa makes me question whether I was sold the wrong type of seeds

Here’s a pic of a young durban poison I grew a few years ago that was not an ILGM seed. Same thing, but it was definitely a sativa.

That’s good to know I read on another forum that they have fat leaves . Funny thing is I also have Afghani pure Indica plants and they are looking more like sativa. Skinny leaves and tall plants . If I hadn’t bought the seeds a month apart and know for a fact I did not mix them up I would have thought that’s what happened . So I guess fat leaves versus skinny leaves is no guarantee a plant is indica or sativa.

First off - Welcome LoneCoyote1 - I haven’t been here super long but long enough to know you’ve come to the right place!!

I have experienced the same thing and I, at this point, believe marijuana seeds are just like us.
Yeah - we all have our genetic make up, but how we grow is influenced greatly by EVERYTHING in our environment.

I’ve got a sativa dominant strain growing outside that’s as tall as it should be but has fans with blades as wide and wider than the 100% indica growing 4 ft away! (Whos almost as tall!)

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