Durban poison auto #2 purple branches

Good day everyone.
This little girl was planted July 4 weekend.
She seems to be doing well , she’s a little overwatered and a tad burned from nutrients I think. She also has a purple look to some of her branches. What causes that purple color?

Thanks for all your help!!!


Its genetics mainly. Perfectly normal. Mine do it all the time.


LEDs can cause it, but genetics also. Nothing to worry about

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Ok so im old school and when i did my first run i used hps & mh had awesome yields. Led was just starting and not even for grow light so i think im dating back '05. So i know led’s have come a long way but im an old man set in his ways…:rofl: . Now i know the led is better on the light bill bit would it give the same results as those hot 1000w hps/Mh?

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They nice this is my first outdoor run planted the same time

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Here is Durban #2
Applying all that I have learned from all of your input on Durban #1 , Durban #2 seems to be coming along much better. Here she is today

Temp is around 83, RH is around 40-50% and soil ph is 6.5, 1200 watt LEDs about 24” from canopy


Here she is this week and I believe she is flowering now. She seemed to have some nitrogen toxicity so I gave her and her sister a flush( hope I did it right) I believe my mistake was using some cheap flower pot soil . I started some photo afghan in coco and Fox soil, 1 in each see how it gos.
Started some LST, hope she recovers nicely.
She does seem bushier then my first, so I’m improving my skills I hope:)
Learning as grow;)
Temp is around 83-85, RH hangs around 40-50%, ph is 6.7

Another shot of her

So here is girl #2 at 2 weeks in of flowering. She grew a foot this week and is 25” tall.

Learning so much from my first mistakes. I can’t wait to try some of these in some better medium.