Durban Photoperiod Female & 3 random autos

  • Durban Feminized
  • 1 X 2 Fast 2 Vast auto
  • 2 X Afghan Ryder autos
  • Method: Hydroponics/coco coir/hydroton
  • Vessels (fem): solo cup, 3.5 gal ebb and flow w/ air stone
  • Vessels (auto): solo cup, 5 gallon smart pots
  • PH: 5.0-6.0
  • PPM: germination & wk 1 ph balancd distilled water, wk 2-3 100ppm tap, wk 4-8 350-450ppm tap, wk 8 700-800ppm tap, 2 week flush with ph balanced tap water
  • Indoor, 2X4X5 and 4X8X6 grow tents
  • Lights: T-5, LED, MH, HPS
  • Temps: 68°F - 82°F
  • Humidity: Veg-65%, Flower-45%
  • Ventilation system: Yes, 4”
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier
  • Co2: No
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Do you have a question? Or photos?

This grow is actually almost done but I have too many plants now and I need a record to keep track. No I don’t have any questions by the way and I’m trying to decide if I want to comb through my pics and try to post a timeline, or just start from where I’m at. That’s why there are no pics yet.

Your grows look awesome man! I hope this Durban beefs up like your widows did

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Well, it looks like those Afghan Ryder’s are ready to come down!

Do you look at tric’s on the buds to judge?

Yessir This was my first grow tho so there was some stunted growth for sure. I am hoping to get a decent harvest from that Durban tho. At least enough to hold me over until my next harvest.

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Here’s the Durban, today starts the 3rd week since I flipped her into flower. Looks to be quite healthy! Healthier than those autoflowers I butchered at least lol. I assume bud rot isn’t a great concern until there are some actual buds there? My humidity has been wonky for a few days now, probably due to this rainy spring weather. It’s supposed to clear up next week so I should have a little help from mother nature then. I wish I could grow outside… I see these humongous, healthy, happy trees Jorge Cervantes is always looking at in his YouTube vids.

I had this girl cooking under a 600w HPS and I just added a 400w MH for UVB. The only problem now will be rotating it everyday since I put that scrog net up.

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I’m pretty new at this growing thing so I’ve been doing my homework and I’m gonna try different schedules of dark. In the opinion of some vet growers (Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal) a little dark will speed up the ripening process. Anyone here ever try that?

Those are no where near done. Looks like you still have 2 months easy

Sorry, just scrolled up and seen other plants. The trics in pic is on a leaf so you can’t go off that

Yeah I only have a loupe and an iPad so it’s a pain in the ass taking pics of trichomes lol. The trics on the buds look even better tho

Day 74, day18 of flower.

FML … So I’ve been using two lights on this Durban plant because it’s the only thing I have flowering at the moment; 1 X 600w HPS and 1 X 400w MH. The 600w is air cooled so it has glass between the bulb and canopy which is blocking some precious UVB so I figured I’d augment with a MH. Anyway the lights are on opposite sides of the plant and I’ve been turning the net basket every few hours about a 1/4 turn just so the light gets distributed evenly. I’m also running an air stone which is where the problem starts. The other day I was giving the usual turn but something was stuck and instead of using my head I took the caveman approach and just turned it harder. What happened was that the roots are bound to the stupid air stone and it was the rootball that was twisted to its limit. I ended up ripping some roots in the process and am wondering how big a deal this is? So far, so good as I’m still seeing new growth but is there anything I can do to repair her or is everything said and done? Thanks.

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Like how bad on the roots? It will probably buff out as long as everything else is in order. But I usual defer to experienced hydro guys for this stuff.

@TDubWilly @Bogleg @peachfuzz @Myfriendis410 you guys have thoughts?


Should be fine…:wink:
Turn a quarter of a turn 4 times to the left one day and turn a quarter of a turn 4 times to the right the next day… :grin:



If it’s just “some” roots, then probably not a huge deal.