Dune - Monosilicic acid / Silica supplement

So way, way back, circa 2021, there was a lengthy discussion about “the best” silica supplement out there.

We all pretty much universally arrived at “potassium silicate” - also known as

And so on.

Then came @Hellraiser - who suggested a different form of silica - Monosilicic acid. Specifically the product he recommended was Alchemist Stout MSA, here:

The why is as follows:
Potassium silicate is not readily absorbed by plants. The silicon particles are too large to be immediately bioavailable to your roots. Microbes break down potassium silicate and, in turn, create silicic acid for the plant to uptake (boosting cell strength etc etc). This is why you need to add silica from the onset of a grow (if using a soilless medium or reusing soil from prior grows) and continue use of silica + microbes to maintain healthy cell structure.

Monosilicic acid, on the other hand, is a shelf-stable version of the acid you rely on microbes to create in order for your plant to use the silica. In short, Monosilicic acid (or MSA) is immediately bioavailable.

I suspect that’s why Hellraiser liked alchemist stout so much.

Now Impello Biosciences - creators of Tribus, the G.O.A.T. of microbe supplements - has released their own MSA, called “Dune.”

Here’s the stat sheets:

I realize this reads like an ad - not really my intention, but I’m excited to see more MSA varieties hit the market. I have noticed that my coco gals don’t always break down the potassium silicate as quickly as I’d like them to - MSA will help us non-soil folks see fast results.


Already Pre-ordered today its available. DUNE15 for 15% off.

Its a primary foliar / secondary root drench.

Amylo is the silica solubilizer… FYI maybe you already know.

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Not gonna lie, gonna use it like a root drench anyway. :joy:


In all honesty I will too after 12/12, but setting the LST structure, fastest way in to get the initial jumpstart I will foliar without a doubt.


Thanks Gray! Excellent info here. And I’m almost out of silica I think :metal:


Thanks everyone for buying out the preorder on the two smallest bottles. Lol.


If you want the biggest bang for buck…Its GG, I have half a 500… I like to learn and tweak. but honestly GG is the best 40%… its like .3ml per / 10L…

I just happen to really like Impello and have high respect for their motivations and Mike Key is pretty cool guy, you can message him direct and he’ll msg you back…


I’m gonna blame Pet cuz i didn’t even get around to preordering yet :rofl:


Smallest available is 1 liter @ $120.


Use the Dune15 its $103 ish… its 1ml a gallon…thats a metric shitphuk ton of silica. like 500 plants worth.
I’m using GG and Elite 91 (this crap is $250/L), ok its got B, Mb, Mn and a bunch of aminos that crank the biostim…but the GG kicks its ass…Si is a biostim…


Yall over her dropping money on these products while im still mixing de in with my soil lol i feel like I’m in the past but the cost of de to some of these products especially empello is a night and day difference lol I felt robbed as hell when i bought the smallest bottle of tribus original 100ml goes quick for 30 bones a bottle lmao

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Wait for Black Friday sales or similar. I scored a 1000mL bottle of Tribus for $70 and it’s lasted me til now. I’m hoping something similar comes up this year.

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I can’t say that there might be better options, but I use Bloom City Silica Boost, which is potassium silicate derivative. It makes a noticeable difference in my plant’s structural strength.

I found this on Hydrobuilder:

" The best form of silicon is mono sicilic acid, also known as ortho silicic acid. Unlike potassium silicate, its 100% available immediately upon feeding, which allows you to accurately and reliably dose your supplement.

Because silicon is an immobile nutrient, it cannot be moved to other parts of the plants once taken up by the roots.

This means you need a steady flow of silicic acid to take full advantage of the benefits silica has to offer.

When using silicic acid, you can rest assured your plants are getting this vital nutrient throughout their entire mass. You won’t need to wonder whether it is working or not!"


AN Rhino Skin is another good one that uses PS. I use it with the first feeding after each transplant.

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Finally something worth buying on black Friday. Probably be a good time to pick up the uv bar and exhaust/controller I’ve been wanting. This year my gg4s should be less than a month into flower on Black Friday. Like it’s meant to be.

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