Dumped the auto pots

after a week of nothing but problems, (high ph, nute problems , burnt leaves, yellowing leaves) I decided to drop the auto pots for now and gone to soil, what I know, I will experiment with veggies , in the auto pots so I can work out how to use them right, my poor girls have had a ruff start , started in the perlite, but ended up with algae, so went to sand , then just went down hill from there, but now in good soil , even brought a green house for them ,so ph is now spot on ,so if all goes well they will grow to be lovely ladies , and on a side note, after my clones going in the ground , they have decided its time to grow and grow.


everything new is a learning experience and experience is valuable…you saved your girls and that is what counts.


Saving your girls like that was a big plus in the learning process. Not to mention confidence in your self.

Just start off slow with the nutrients at first and after each feeding add a little more and watch your plants reactions.


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