Dumme's Aero-Soil-Aquaponics adventure


How do you loose the heat with those mist makers? The testing I’ve done they heat up water fast. The results I got were awesome.


Thanks again @Dumme I’ve been playing around with it so I’m going to get it dialed is sadly I have a error on one of the temp controller displays that popped up last night I’ll check the fuses and what not later but may be sending this one back :frowning:️:rage:
And since upgraded model is 200$ more.
Not sure where that will
Leave me anyway thanks brother
That stinks you broke your rig man :scream:
I’ve been enjoying the utube channel as well brother lots of great stuff in your videos
Keep up the grest job my brother I’ve learned a lot by watching them :+1:
Peace :v:️ CB


It might be pertinent to send them an email explaining the issue and concerns for future use. You maybe pleasantly surprised in how they respond on fixing any concerns.


I’m trying to work with the seller and I’ve left a voice mail on the number that’s in the manual that came with it
I like the press @Dumme and would definitely like to resolve the issue I’m sure it’s not a major one but
As of right now I was told send it back and they would try to send me another?
Thanks for the suggestion tho :+1:
Going to check all fuses Tonight


@Dumme just wanted to give you an update I did finally get in touch with the MFG they are sending me a new unit and are very helpful I’m sure it was just a bad temp control so I’m in no way upset with the product itself
In a trade guy myself and understand stuff happens :+1:
Thanks again brother happy Growing
:v::cowboy_hat_face: CB
Ps great thread man :+1:


Just efen amazing! I have soon many questions! Lol


Aquaponic-fogponics, with soil. …first look (still under construction).

Fog chamber (roots)


Nice dude very nice I want to see more


I’m with @Hogmaster @Dumme I want to see more to interesting


Yep, we voted, need more! :sunglasses:


New beefy filter…


Second string of lights is built in row 1, room 3 (fogponics).

A quick look at the leaves, and you can see the it looks under watered. This is caused by underdeveloped roots sytem in the new fog system. Recovery time is still unknown, but the new root growth is amazing. The new roots are fuzzy, with much smaller root hairs to collect water & nutrients.



Glad you posted this today Love the way the buckets are used to hold the netpots. But how deep do the buckets go down? I assume the bottoms are cut out of them. Been looking today for a fogger to use in 27 gal res but I have no idea what a good one is? Can you give me a direction to look?


Buckets are cutout to the inner shape of the 2ft poly culvert use as a fog chamber.

(seen better in the aeroponic-rooms)

I picked up my mist makers off house of hydro.


Got it. Thx


Co je přesně mantus? Vůbec to neznám What exactly is the mantus? I do not know it at all