Dumme's Aero-Soil-Aquaponics adventure


I could see the addiction already being constant tweaks and upgrades


That’s awesome. This is what I used to do when cultivating corals. I love the chemistry of it


Not my best grow, but I’m loving these Cree COB’s :slight_smile:

1 x 300watt light = 435 grams @ ~1.45gpw


Slow but steady on the build. With my back, April showers always slows me down.


Gotta love those ladies with thick thighs.


loving the fabric net pots it’s going to be nice when it’s legal for me to grow I worry about over complicating my grow spaces just for ease of removal in a pinch


@Dumme Hi! My friend, you are very respected! The colossal work is done by you. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with other people. I just caught on with this idea, only I do not have a suitable room. But from today, I’m starting to look for a room for this))) If I have any questions, can I contact you? Thank you in advance!


It would be my pleasure :slight_smile:


Thank`s bro!!))


Thoughts from the Morning Garden

Man I love seeing what you post, it is always interesting to me.


You’re the man @Dumme!! I love the video dude!



You’ve got all the toys. Nice



Looks like a fun way to do some monster crop clones


@Dumme thanks for the tag and video brother good stuff :+1:
I went with the pv1
I’m planning on running hash I have both a dry shaker and bubble bags to make that first
Any suggestion on temps will be helpful and do you still think 30 sec press on kief or hash is still ok ?
I’ve never pressed rosin before and I figured I’d get this press and not screw around with hair iron and what not
Thanks again


It’s gonna take some trial and error. I recommend starting with a smaller amount, at a lower temp, as I did, then work up. Depending on how much you press, you might need more time.


…and on the same day as well.


I’m thinking of changing my swirl into secondary livestock tanks, and then beefing this design up, and giving it a go for my filtration.

Im also thinking of using my 5100gph pump, which currently pushes all my sprinkler heads & filters, and instead just using it to circulate the filtration, then designing fogponics for the remaining 2 rooms in the works, possibly all three.

It’s an expensive change in my design, and would take quite a bit of work on my behalf, so I’d love some feedback on it before I make any final decisions. My system works fine, and I don’t really need to change, but I like the idea of keeping things fresh, and cutting edge.

I’d no longer be low pressure aeroponics, instead I’d be aquaponic-soil-fogponics
What do you guys think, should I jump?


You know darn well that you like to challenge yourself