Dumme's Aero-Soil-Aquaponics adventure


Its been a while since I’ve posted last, so I thought I’d post a short video of the new beefy swirl filter I’ve been using. Here she is…


I love the attention to details! Marking your lines just makes sense!

How’s it going? I hope everything has been good…


I’m ok, I guess; just living one day at a time. The biggest problem lately is I mostly have sativa, and it suck to smoke if youre having problems sleeping. Im glad the holidays are over, as theyre always hard on me.



*new walls
*new electric
*new plumbing
*new DIY cloner & NFT table
*new DIY cobs


New cob set looks lonely. Waiting on the rest to arrive…


Didn’t realize you are one too. This is my flow table hooked to a turtle tank


@Dumme your setup is awesome, just read the thread. I haven’t used real nutes in weeks and I think my veggies are better.


Some of my fish decided to come to the surface, so I thought I’d snap a picture.

Germination of ILGM Trainwreck and Sour Diesel complete, and now time for the ladies to to sprout. I started Goldleaf and Green Crack a little after so they have a couple of days left for their taIL to get a little longer.


Love your pics, you always show cool stuff.


Have you tried to raise chiliads and grow some Durban or Congo strains? Was thinking of emulating the environmental conditions to see how they grow.

This is the fun stuff


I’ve had cichlids, but not in aquaponics. Very creative though. :slight_smile:


I’ve been using discuss buffer and was wondering what you use? I’m thinking of trying the turtle tank as the chilliads, then again I like discuss too. Just curious do you treat water for fish, like buffer or iodine? I’m just getting back into aquatic stuff. I had a 180 gal full reef for 15 years with countless chilliads and discus. Too cool blending the 2 together.
Oh also do you inject O2 into the water or do you have aquatic plants to help?


@Givemefire for a quicker response you should @Dumme . so this topic will show in his box .
Hammer .



I’m not sure I understand what what you’re asking, but after two years running, the only additives I use are:

-“City” Tap Water (+8.1pH and up, no RO filter)
-Organic Fish Feed (Aquaorganic brand)
-FeEDDHA or FeDTPA (iron)
-Organic Rock Phosphate
-Organic Potassium Sulfate
-OMRI Calcium Sulfate
-Food grade Magnesium Sulfate
-Organic Silica
-Borax Soap
-Worm Castings

And only in emergencies…
-Muriatic Acid (pH down)
-Phosphoric Acid (pH down)
-Potassium Hydroxide (pH up)

I use 110Lpm Active Aqua air pump in my Bio-filter & and the entire garden is Aeroponics, so any more O2 in the water not nessissary.

Keep in mind, aquaponics only works in fresh water, unless the plants youre growing can handle the Sulfur. Any aquatic plants will only be in competition with the cannabis you’re growing, and use up their nutrients.


Awesome. Was wondering if plants and animals could withstand some minerals and such. Are there any good reads out there on aquaponics? @Dumme thanks for trying to answer this old stoned fish guy.

@Hammer thanks I thought I did. The last sentence above says it all.

Time to puff puff



Some, but you’re much better off joining groups or forums like here @ ILGM, with free ‘live’ help :slight_smile:

There are also groups (non-cannabis related) on Facebook.

Hope this helps…


Cool. I’ll stick here not a fan of Facebook. I’ve got some more question, just too sick to deal with life today. @Dumme thanks for info and help. I’ll be back when this cold goes away.


Not as cold as @Hammer’s weather, but cold enough to need a water heater…


Good to see your new build-out in action


There’s Macros, Micros, and Trace Elements that plants need all the time, but in different strengths & ratios, based on the size and metabolic rate.

In the Aquaponic world, my target nutrient strengths are:

pH: 6.4-6.8
Ammonia: 0.0ppm
Nitrites: 0.0ppm
Nitrates: 20-50ppm
Phosphate: 15-50ppm
Potassium: 50-200ppm
Calcium: 25-150ppm
Magnesium: 10-50ppm
Sulfur: 15-50ppm
Iron: 1-3ppm
Boron: 0.1-0.5ppm
Manganese: 0.5-1.0ppms
Zinc: 0.25-0.3ppms
Molybdenum: 0.01-0.02ppms
Sodium: 0.5-1ppm
Copper: 0.025-0.05ppms
Silica: 120-150ppm
Cobalt: 0.2-0.5ppm
Chloride: 50-110ppm
Iodine: 0.3-0.5ppm
Nickel: 0.05-0.1
Vanadium: 0.5-1ppm