Dumme's Aero-Soil-Aquaponics adventure


My Moving Biofilter does the same thing. There’s a ton of natural positive bacterial matter in my system; no name brand required.


Well if it floats your boat i wont try patching it LMAO, i look forward to more post from you on this system …HAMMER


6 cubic feet of K3 Media in this 1000L Moving Biofilter. Approximately 4000gph cycling rate, and boiling with 110LPM ActiveAqua air pump.

Aquarium filter biomedia for grow media?

Temporary Veg Room until construction is complete.


Harvest starts in a couple weeks. Exciting times…


@Dumme you Evil Genius You …watched all the vids of yours …Major Cool. Hammer.


Organic bug control Praying Mantis
10 eggs, so I should have upto 2000 of the little suckered running around my house.


what do you feed up to 2000 mantis?

do you expect 2000 mature mantis?


No. The eggs contain 100-200 mantis each, so theres a maximum of 2000. Some will eat each other too.

This year, mites and thrips was a problem, but beyond that,…

It’s an old house, so my hope is they’ll explore. Theres plenty of bugs throughout this building. If not, my building is downtown, so maybe they’ll spread to the adjacent buildings, or be released into the neighborhood. They cant hurt anything, is my thoughts.


What’s on the menu today, for a late breakfast?

Hydro-organic… yum.


My little killers are starting to hatch! Time to go hunting :imp:


:smiling_imp: kill, kill, kill!


That’s so awesome! I’d love to see them just crawling around my plants, acting like body guard haha! Love it! :v:


A better shot of the egg.


@Dumme .This proves it you lab coat wearing ,Evil scientist Genius you LMAO … Invading the hood with Bugs aimed at destruction on the natural order of MJ plant eating bugg’s … Iam calling batmat …LOL LOL .those do look cool .tho …keep us posted :innocent: Hammer


Will do, bud.


For a few weeks my swirl filter has been disconnected because of construction and moving things around. As a result, the debris in my sprinklers have been getting progressively worse. After checking the clogs constantly for days, I’ve reinstalled, and have added some smaller filters to make up for lost time.


Heat and light shielding


How are the mantis’s working out bud??? How many do you think have hatched???


Probably around 500-600 hatched, at least. It’s hard to tell because most of the eggs hatched when I wasn’t there.

I wish the construction was more complete, as I would be able to control their movement. Over all, I’d say they are a success.