Dumme's Aero-Soil-Aquaponics adventure


Why exactly are trout restricted up there? Just wondering.
We love them here in Pa and we don’t have enough! We actually have hatcheries that will dump trout into our rivers for us so we can fish them out later.


Anything introduced, that can be released and survive in through the harsh winters here, is restricted.

In Maine, they don’t have a “restricted list”, because it would be too long. Instead, they have a short “unrestricted list”, and and if the fish you want isn’t on that list, it requires a license.


And do you happen to know why? Why don’t they want trout in the river during the winter?
Or other restricted fish? It seems like such a weird thing to me because we would kill to have trout stay in our waters without having to “stock” them in the first place!


The idea is to protect the environment that is already in place, and not to offset what’s already there, including introducing more fish that already native. Maine’s environment is fragile.


Although I consider preservation important; I think some states go too far. It has really got to be tough to live somewhere that does not allow you to catch the fish local to the region.

I hate to keep moving off topic, sort of…from your beautiful grow but, I think you can appreciate how much this conversation will help many people :slight_smile:

Is the restrictions in part to commercial fishing?


Don’t get the wrong idea. Restricted doesn’t mean banned. After you pay the fees, and approval by Inland Fisheries, you can stalk your pond, but I’m sure it’s based on environmental load testing done by them. In my case, with an inside “closed loop” pond, they’re pretty lacks on private stalking. Like I said, I was approved for Brown Trout, very unusual for so far northin the state.

As far as commercial fishing, I’m unaware.


Aquaponic filtration :slight_smile:


That’s awesome. Could you elaborate on what it’s doing and why? I know you don’t talk in your videos but I would love to know what’s going on and why. Those little wagon wheels look like pasta haha, I know they’re not though! Such an interesting way to grow!


:slight_smile: Those wagon wheels are called K3 bio media. They help the nitrification process of the ammonia, and a vital part of the system because it’s Aeroponics.

Bacterial matter builds on all the surface area though out the system. Like in any Aquarium, this bacterial matter changes Ammonia to Nitrites, and after O2 is introduced, into Nitrates; and what plants use to grow. The more of this bacteria, the higher the load of fish can be used, and the more Nitrates for the plants.

K3 media has a ton of surface area. It’s also neutrally buoyant, after the bacterial matter collects on it. It moves to make the contact with the most water.

Normally Aquaponics is designed with Ebb&Flow flood tables, with hydroton and rocks. In those systems, any media in the grow beds act as a filter or more “surface area”. Since my system is Aeroponics, with no grow beds, this was one of my only options.

In all my videos I try to show the path of the water flow. I hope it’s not too confusing. The filters I use now are maxed out for what they can handle. In a future video, you’ll probably see it swapped out for 2-3 times the media, in an IBC tote.


Wow, thanks for the detail - I had heard talapia recommended before but I was specifically curious about koi because of their prevalence in man-made and maintained ponds. Thanks for the photos too. I would have never thought of trout but that’s pretty amazing!


Couple of flowers…

New Moving Biofilter, and a little more beefy :smiling_imp:


WOW that’s a pretty room …Nice Size and Clean…KUDOS what kind of average do you get off your girls ??? and do you find it hard to clean that corrugated tub… Hammer


Unfortunately this is a new room, still under construction, and only the second cycle. Aquaponics takes time to get to its full potential. I expect about .5-.7g per watt here. Nitrogen is still too few to get anything better. The 1st harvest was about .3-.4g per watt, with major Phosphorus toxicity due to using Phosphoric Acid as u added more fish.


do you ever add microbs to your auqaponics ??? to help convert the poop &pee from the fish ???Hammer


No, not in my case. Maybe if you had a Goldfish or Kio tank. Most fish based microbial additives are know carcinogens, and my fish are for food. Surface area, O2, and water movement is what I use for this.


@Dumme Most fish based microbial additives are know carcinogens, and my fish are for food. What about zone or great white , tarantula and piranha to name a few …


@Hammer, I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking about using different types of fish for aquaponics?


NO. LOL .these are microbial products for hydroponics those are 3 diff brands …


Ah, yes. Honestly, I don’t know, but I wouldn’t wanna risk my health on it.


Its just that they help break down the nute s so your plant can absorb them thru the roots … in other words you cant swallow the beef whole so you make it into little bites so your body can absorb … if you can follow this analogy ??? .