Dumb question...strawberry Cough!?

So, I’m seeing RB has a sale today, and I’m tempted to get some strawberry cough. The description mentions actual coughing, twice!
But, it won’t be smoked, just used in edibles or as a tincture.
So…that won’t cause coughing, right?
Should I stick with blueberry for medical? ( brother with neurologic problems, depression, etc.)
Can anyone compare the two experiences?

No my friend it should just apply to smoking and or vaping :v::+1:


I read about Strawberry Cough too and it sounds interesting, gonna give it a try next grow. I’m not too concerned about it making someone cough, just like the high will affect people differently.

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I have two females Strawberry Amnesia, Bred from Strawberry Cough and Amnesia! I ll give them a try, they already smell amazimgly powerfull… just like wanting to let anyone to know about them :slight_smile: