Duel root system?

Hi all I’ve heard something interesting recently from a couple friends and they were throwing around the idea of taking a secondary branch, cutting & splitting the very top the same way as you would a clone use the clonex and push it back into the ground or new pot to create a 2nd root system. What’s everyone’s thoughts?

Never heard anything like that what do you say @latewood

@hillcrest, @Majiktoker,@Donaldj you guys know anything about this

I’m doing something similar, but with wisteria (sp?). My reasons are more aesthetic than anything else.

What would be the purpose of stressing the plant to such a degree? If is for more root structure, why not just go with a larger container?

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Its a deformation in the embryo of the seed its self

All though that would look cool, to produce quality and quantity i would stick to the traditional methods. I have experimented with Hst an Lst for my limited highth in grow box. I wish i didn’t have too. :wink::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:

I would say it would be feasible since air layering is in essence the same idea only used to clone while still attached to mother I had good success with air layering definetly a low risk cloning trick if you are willing to wait and not in a rush to prune mothers.

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Could you elaborate on this air layering technique

lol air cloning/layering is done by debarking some of trunk leaving stalk 1/3 intact attached to plant smearing with cloning/rooting compound wrapping in rockwool or rooter plug. Can even be done with soil then wrapping in light proof plastic or foil, basically rooting a clone while attached to main plant so you keep medium moist and wait for roots to form then cut off trunk once ready. The benefit is clone is fed by mother and continues to grow while roots are starting also consumes very little space and allows you to clone a plant of any size.


Wow that’s cool video, i want to try that someday.

remarkably easy how I started 2 of my ladies in hydro they were 12" before I placed them in unit without having to transplant from soil or any massive shock

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You asked for my thoughts on this. Nothing to gain.

If you attempt to add a cutting aside another plant and both grow roots. One will rob space and minerals from the other, and perhaps both ways; Causing both plants to suffer. Bad idea. (If I understood you correctly)

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