Duct taping leaves to weigh them down?


I read something about duct taping leaves, my eye caught another topic and I have no idea what thread it was. Anyone know what I am talking about. In a nutshell, said person would duct tape a leaf and gently pull it down towards the side of the pot and stick the tape, exposing the underneath to create bushiness.
Did I smoke to much and dream this?
The reason I am asking is, while I was trying to remember what I read, I did this to one of my ladies as a tester and Id like to know If I’m wasting my time LOL
For all I know this is a technique. Thank you in advance, I smoked some dabs this morning and cant remember if I already posted about the duct tape thing. :dizzy_face:


I took the tape off a few days ago because I wasn’t sure if I was even doing it right.


I can’t see how taping (which covers a portion of the leaf) could be better than just hooking something over a branch to pull it down or SCROG.

I would think as it grows it’s going to tear the leaves that are taped. And the adhesive is probably toxic.


Of course, I’d keep an open mind if others have good points to doing it :slight_smile: Never know how a good idea will pop up.


Hooking the stem? Like with wire? How would I attach it to the pot? Is that a technique? I would be interested in reading about that as opposed to the duct tape because like you stated the glue is probably got some sort of toxic crap in it


You can use string, wire, twist ties, whatever. Just hook it on a branch and carefully bend it over and attach it to the pot (punch a hole in the top rim of the pot) or weight it down some other way.

If you google LST (low-stress training) you’ll see plenty of examples. Probably here too.


I went SCROG since it seemed to be easier to put a net across my grow vs. having to keep tying things down.


Example: I have to layers of netting. The first I use to weave branches under and the second will hold the big buds from tipping over.

I used 6" squares but a bit smaller would be better.


The idea is to keep the plant tops at the same height. By nature, a plant will try to outgrow whatever is next to it, so it can get the most light. If you can keep them even, and spread out the canopy, they get more light and they all get the same amount light (more or less).


Look up LST on forum search @doodlebug