Duct Tape (clones)

And we’re back! Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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Week 5


Uploading tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:




Sadly spotted some of what looks like PM today… pretty sure it came from my job. :sweat:

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At least you caught it early enough to get it under control. My son works at a grow facility and I wont let him in my grow until he takes a shower and changes clothes. He has brought bugs and mold to my house before.


Thank you, i work harvesting for a grow actually

Week 6

My son is a master grower for a grow.

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Week 7, the war continues. The enemy is one formidable foe.

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This is the first plant…

And this is the second one

Do these plants have hope of surviving flowering or should i start over? @MattyBear

It looks like some mildew on the leaves. Have you been having issues with pests or anything?


Nah not me but I bought the clone from my job and its full of mold. I thought it’ll survive since I took it home.

You can try spraying a diluted solution of water and hydrogen peroxide and see if that helps with the mold

Powdery mold often appears blotchy. It looks more to me like an ultrasonic humidifier is being used with tap water. Is this the case?

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Hmm :thinking:, and I just keep adding epsom :disappointed:

Yes i do, it was right by the plant until this appeared. Can you explain to me what this causes please?

Sure. Ultrasonic humidifiers aerosolize the minerals in your tap water so those minerals in that tap water get airborne and dust the surrounding area. The only way to avoid it is to go with a wicking humidifier or to use distilled or RO water in the humidifier. RO and distilled water contain no minerals.


Thank you for the info!

Week 8!

The taller one is 2ft (would probably be 3.5ft if it wasnt trained :exploding_head: she shorter one is 20 inches

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Week 8 same day but after watering and feeding liquid iron via foliar spray and blossom builder to soil

@MattyBear good morning and happy holidays! I have a question sir, have you used “bud candy” before by advanced nutrients?