DualARC 600W Grow Lamp Heat Production


I’m a newbie here. I plan on growing my babies in a 4’ X 4’ X 6’ tent inside the house and was wondering if the (3) grow lamps I purchased may produce a bit too much heat without using some sort of climate control device.

I haven’t received the tent or the lights yet so I don’t know what the internal temperature feels like. All things being equal, and using the DualArc MH/HPS High Output Lamps. What does everyone think would work best in a small 4 x 4 tent and produces less heat? Two 200 W lamps or one 400 W lamp? I understand the advantage of quantity but what about Wattage? I was hoping you guys with such vast experience would know. LED don’t count.

I plan on setting up the nursery in a couple weeks and want to make sure I have everything worked out.

Thanks guys


Well first off welcome to ILGM!! I would say that you would need a passive intake with a full exhaust fan setup :+1:


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Agree with @AmnesiaHaze on the system


So the 600 Watt lights won’t create too much heat?

And I take it I can find such devices on Dealzer.com or at my local hardware store, correct?

Thanks guys!!


The 600watt lights will emit a lot of heat. Also does the fixtures come with a air-cooled hood? If so it will aid in helping to exhaust a lot of the heat


That’s a very good question. No. Especially since I only purchased the bulbs and no hood. Where can I find an air-cooled hood to use with the lamps? The bulbs screw in like regular light bulbs.


There should be some on amazon, which is a forum partner, would have to make sure it’s compatible with the bulb


Thanks Nug Nug. I will do more research.


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Thanks Growit.

I took others advice and purchased 3 air-cool hoods to manage the heat produced from my lights a few minutes ago. Now it appears I will need conduit and an air handling unit. I’m not overly concerned with costs purchasing items for this project but I don’t want some silly looking over engineered monstrosity to deal with on a daily basis. I’ve got to remember to “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

I have to remember to keep my excitement at bay to prevent me from going overboard. I’m like a pet Raccoon. If it’s shiny, I feel I have to have it.


I was able to locate exactly what you said I needed. I found it on Dealzer’s site.

Thanks Nug- Bug. I appreciate it.


Your bulbs LOOK like regular lamp bases but they are bigger. It’s called a mogul base. Your hoods etc should have them but if you are a DIY guy you need to buy them. Home Depot or Amazon, but be warned they will know you are growing and will start sending you grower adds when you go back there online!

Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get some flexible duct to match your hoods. (3 or 4 inch) You will need exhaust fan(s) to get the heat out of the area. You can heat your house with it in winter but you want it dumped outside in summer. Then you may need a charcoal air filter for odor control.


Right on doin it right man very cool👍🏼


I believe my hoods have 6" ends and I will have to buy reducers or use 6" flex duct. My setup will require a plumbed in-line fan and carbon filter that runs out a window to alleviate or help reduce noise. I going to try to do everything I can do to keep the fan noise down. I will need to do some calculations to figure out what kind of fan volume that’s needed to remove the heat without sucking out all my CO2. 6" duct will offer plenty of size to move a lot of air.

Thanks for the heads up 1Bigfella. I never considered those knuckleheads tagging me due to past purchases and sending me growing adds.


I think CO2 is incompatible with an exhaust fan. In my first grow with HPS I used an ordinary 8" table fan and sealed it up in a DIY box with 6" duct going in and out. Worked fine, very quiet.


Thanks again 1BigFella. I need to constantly try to remember to keep things simple. A wooden DIY box makes more sense. The only way to prevent the lose of CO2 would be to design a closed system with some sort of heat exchanger to cool the air before it returns to the lights. A closed system is a bit more than I want to tackle since this isn’t a commercial grade nursery.

Couldn’t I inject CO2 during the “lights out” stage of the grow when I’m not moving air to keep things cool? Surely plants grow during the night. Maybe not as much as during daylight hours. Is CO2 generation or CO2 production expense even worth it during only the nighttime phase of growth? I wonder if I would see a measureable increase in production?

Oh well. Sorry, I was just thinking out loud.


Unless you have alot of plants , you won’t need added co2… :wink:

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My grow room will be quite small. It’s 4’ X 4’ so I figured I would start off with 3 plants.

It’s been many many years since I grew my own and it was outside. Plus I probably didn’t know CO2’s growing benefits back then.

Thanks Peachfuzz, have a great week.


CO2 only benefits you if your light is above 85000 lux, which is the normal limit of usability. You can go higher and add CO2 and the plant will photosynthesize faster. But it only does photosynthesis when the lights are on. It does respiration all the time, but that does not use light. And 85000+ lux is going to generate lots of heat.

If I wanted a faster seed-to-harvest time, I would just buy autoflower seeds.


My goodness 1BigFella, How do you know all this stuff? Thank you so much, you will same me many hours of research and many dollars from trying things out (wrong things) and learning failing.

What is a lux? Is it similar to a lumen? Watts? Is it a measurement of heat or energy?