Dual Spectrum Lamps and usage question please

Hello, I am very new, I have seeds sprouting and planted and starting to grow …about 2 weeks old. I just purchased 2 dual spectrum lights. My first question is this…I thought you would just hit a switch for 2 different lighting spectrums, but it looks like I was mistaken… Are these lights just fine to use from beginning to end without making changes, they have all spectrums for growing and flowering??? And then is it just the amount ou time that I use for growing and then change that time for flowering??? I know this might seem simple, BUT … I need it thanks!!
Plus I have no idea what my seeds are, we just collected them from bags of weed and they seem to be growing well…

Maybe post a link to the lights on Amazon so we can see what you have.

But generally yes you can use them from start to finish. My lights have both a Veg. and Bloom switch, but I run with both switched on for the entire grow.
Yes, you just change the lighting schedule to 12hrs on/12hrs off to start the flowering process.

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