Dual duct portable ac placement

I have 2 10x10 tents going each with 4 hlg 550s. One tent is in a 14x13 room, and one is in a 18x15 room. Inside each tent is a 8 inch hurricane inline fan and a 750 cfm 8x24 phresh filter exhausted through the ceiling into the attic I have two 16 hurricane wall mount fans mounted per tent. Right now I am only in veg with 2 lights on per tent, dimmed to half power, and I am about 2 degrees above room temp. The room is 78-80 and the tent is 80-82. I am going to start flowering soon and I am pretty sure with 4 lights on 100% its going to get pretty hot. I dont know exactly how hot yet.

I already have two dual duct 13k btu portable acs that are brand new. I am just trying to figure out what to do about these portable acs. Would it be more efficient to place the unit inside the tent, or would it be better to cool the room that the tent was in further and continue using a passive intake or duct cold air in. I have seen some people build little boxes on top of their portable ac unit and duct the air inside. I think I might have an issue with smell if I have the unit inside the tent. I heard some dual duct acs can still exhaust air from the actual room, which would smell because it has not been scrubbed upon exit yet. If I have the ac unit outside the tent and duct the cold air inside I am pretty sure I could just exhaust the portable ac outside the window and then I would not have to worry about smell.

I am not doing co2

Personally I would try to cool off the room not the tent. Even if the tent is being air-conditioned, you still would require an intake and exhaust for air flow during flower when the tent has to be closed. Which means you’re bringing in the hot air of the room anyway and cycling out the cold air from the tent. if you cool down the whole room, then everything is at a perfect temperature for optimal growth.

I personally would not duct the air in due to what I just said above. I believe your best bet is to cool the room and have an intake and exhaust with carbon filter for each tent.

What method are you using to grow these plants?

You should probably duct your exhaust air out or the room entirely and have separate ac inlet to the rooms or tents.

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Yeah each tent has a 8 inch 745 cfm hurricane fan attached to a 8x24 750cfm phresh filter running constantly. Passive intake you are suggesting I am taking it?

The tent air going through the carbon scrubber is going out of the room entirely. I havent set up the portable dual duct acs yet, probably going to today. Just trying to figure out the best way to set up the intake and exhaust. Not quite sure if sticking the ac exhaust into the attic is fine like I did with the tent exhaust.

SCROG. I have 2 4x8 tables inside each tent, with a hlg 550 v2 rspec over each 4x4 section.

If the room is dark enough for you to flower without a sealed tent, then sure passive air intake is definitely not the worst idea. leave open one of the vents and just filter the air out of the tents.

on the other hand if you require tent to prevent light leaks for the flowering cycle, then a passive intake would probably not be the best idea. In this case you would need a sealed tent so you would need a fan for your intake to prevent light leaks.

I personally like running an intake fan and an exhaust fan with the carbon filter. My garage is also not dark enough for the 12/12 flower cycle so my tents are required for flowering.

This is how I do my 4 x 4 in my garage. No heat issues in the Central Valley of California.

I think I am just going to try cooling the room down and using passive intakes. Hopefully I can maintain temps that way. Do you vent the air into the tent from somewhere else other than the garage?

I am in my garage to but it gets a bit warm so I did this.


They will but then the tents exhaust will take care of that as long as it has a filter.

You will be fine in your setup to do it either way as long as your tents exhaust is filtered and running to the attic. You will probably get a little lower humidity levels with the unit inside the tent.

You can also put Styrofoam around the tent and insulate it if you want

Expanded Polystyrene, EPS Foam Sheets, 1" x 24" x 48", (4 sheets)


I pull in air from the garage and push it back out into the garage. my blurple LEDs don’t really give off heat which is nice being that California is hot enough.

@learningthebasics what medium are you using the grow the plants. Are you putting them in soil is it hydro talk to me lol. if you’re doing soil the passive intake should be no problem as long as your vents don’t have any light leaks when the lights are off. If you are doing hydro then temps become a lot more important.

In spring I disconnect the hydro and bringing the dirt for the warm summer.

Would any dual portable be sufficient as far as brand goes like whytner 14000 btu brand or are there brands to steer clear from whendoing the dual hose route?

The two unopened ones I have are both Whytner.

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I am using sunshine advanced mix 4

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I def would want to vent the ac exhaust outside regardless of where I chose to put the tent right? Or could I vent the ac exhaust into the attic as well?

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Care to come off one of this units :hot_face:

@Countryboyjvd1971 any input on this? I ended up going with two 10x10 tents instead of the 10x20. I have two dual hose portable ac units and I plan on just cooling the room the tents are in and using passive intakes. I wanted to exhaust the dual duct acs out a window but I fear that if I ever have the tent open and smell escapes it will get blown outside. Think I can keep the intake hose in the grow room(outside the tent) and then have the exhaust hose into the attic? Or do both hoses need to be completely outside the tent and the grow room

I need them both they are just the model I am using. Planning on setting them both up tonight or tomorrow.