Dual carbon filter use


I’m curious as to what everyone thinks about using two carbon filters in a 5x5 tent using hydroponics with dual 900w LED Platinum P900 lights. If you use one 8x24 carbon filter inside the tent, exhaust through a 8" Stealth Hyper Fan w/speed control, out of the tent through insulated ducting and finally being terminated beside the tent in a 6x24 carbon filter.

The purpose of this would to come as close to eliminating smell, and not having air gusting out of the tent in a room barely large enough for the tent. Maximum discretion is the goal.

What are the pros/cons to this?


Hey @Jafo67 welcome to the forum! I don’t know of anyone with a double filter on one fan. This being said, I’m pretty certain one filter will eliminate 100% of your smell. They do wear out after awhile and need to be replaced. I had 12 flowering plants and one filter, and didn’t smell a thing at the other end.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to tag one of us like @Covertgrower and we will be sure to stop by. If you need any help setting up your tent besides your carbon filter, don’t need hesitate to ask. We are all here to help and any of the members on here are very willing to help. Happy growing.


I dont know were you live but if you can get arrested then more is better.


your spot on, on that one @Rexx


Agreed that one filter should be enough. I’m looking for a solution that will eliminate the exhaust airflow from creating any type of detectable presence. By having a second filter controlling the airflow out, I feel it maintains invisibility. Supplimental odour control is a bonus.

This being said, what other methods could be used to stop the exhaust airflow from announcing it’s presence?

And thank you for the welcome message!

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@Jafo67 we really want to make feel at home here. ou also could install the carbon filter on the exhaust side. That works that way as well. You could disguise the vent in a number of ways. These all are dependent in the space you intend to vent into. Outside or inside, basement area versus say a living room where it has to look nice. We’ll get those ideas going!

Assuming you have a 8 foot tent 5x5x8 gives you 200 square feet of tent and exhaust fan in the 400 cfm range with properly sized carbon filter will definitely scrub all smells
That being siad a second filter installed in room to filter room will not hurt
So you exhaust the room outdoors

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The only downsides of the additional filter would be cost and restriction on airflow. As @Countryboyjvd1971 pointed out, it seems you have plenty of air movement, so no big deal probably.

I agree with @Covertgrower one decent properly sized filter will do the job in most cases. So you could always build some sort of muffler or trap on the open end to knock sound down as well.