DTE Seed to Flower Grow/Review

Many growers have been looking for a way to use dry amendments in coco grows following a similar path as the Gaia Green feeding schedule offered up by Mr Canucks. I personally have been following him along with many others throughout my grow experience (spanning only 3 years) but like many of you, I wasn’t trying to pay that ridiculous shipping fee to have Gaia Green shipped stateside from Canada. With that I found an equivalent that’s proving to have some useful results.

Down to Earth is a stateside company that does organic dry amendments for all your growing needs. I’d been using their guanos, kelp, Alfalfa, etc in my super soil recipes for a few cycles then looked to simplify what I was doing often looking back at the Gaia Green setup. Well, DTE has some feeds with similar ratios to GG found in the Blended Fertilizer section of their site.

I ran these two items at 2 tblspns of each per gallon in 2-2 gallon smart pots with brick coco and calmg pH’d water to run off as needed for a Tangerine dream auto and an unknown auto through sweet seeds. SOG so no training or topping was done.

As I approached flower I thought I’d have to top dress to bump up my Phosphorous but I didn’t. The 4 tablespoons got me from seed to harvest and I’m now I’m working on leaching out nutes before harvest on the tangerine dream. Here’s a look at her

The mystery plant grew about 22 inches in height and yielded a half a zip dry which isn’t too surprising since I think the genetics were sketch from the beginning. Here’s a snapshot of the main cola before harvest.

I think that if you’re looking for a low maintenance way of going seed to harvest DTE is a decent organic option cuz honestly these girls were no trouble at all so def consider this if you’re looking to do dry feed on the organic side. I look forward to the community’s thoughts n responses.