Drying your smoke outdoor

What’s the deal with letting your plants dry out before you chop? I’m gonna be drying my smoke outside in a warm dry climate. My question is should I keep my plants healthy with water to retain moisture before I harvest to help slow the drying process? I’m gonna block the wind and keep it dark. That’s all I know. Any suggestions?

I would say keep it healthy til harvest based solely on wanting a GOOD harvest…

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I don’t let a plant dry before I chop. I will wet trim on the plant, chop, wash and dry.

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I was gonna dry whole plant style. Just take off the bigger leaves.

Your plant actually might have buds finish at different times…which isn’t bad if you’re looking for a wide array of effects…just know you could also hinder your actual yield by not knowing how it matures or how to properly check these things…do a quick search up top for the info you want I guarantee you it leads down the path to success…then bring your questions back to here and someone will help ya

Good luck :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2:


Thanks. I’m sure I’ll learn alot about it with experience. Just don’t want to learn the hard way.

One of the people I follow on here said “fail to plan, plan to fail”….cannabis requires planning if you’re expecting a good end result…research research and then some more…always remember to keep it simple and don’t overthink…if you don’t succeed it’s because you needed to learn right? Or better yet you might succeed and be disappointed but still you’ve learned what to do next time to change the outcome….best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions :sunglasses::v:t2:


Well, so far so good. Ilgm seeds are doing awsome! I’m a nor- Cal transplant trying to grow weed in the desert. Hahaha. The monsoons are making for great growing. As long as you protect from the wind and give them some shade. This forum is full of good info. and experienced growers. It’s fantastic.


I like the idea. And I’ll be watching for your results… so I don’t have to learn any hard ways either. Good luck


That’s Spectacular :star_struck:

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I like your green house. I live in CNY and have been thinking about using one. It is hard to finish some strains here, because of all the usually wet weather in October. My question is will it finish in one, and not have a issue?

Nice looking greenhouse grow you have there. What strain/s are you growing.

Me personally? I try to coincide my darkness day with the day I was going to water/feed. Then I chop the girls while they are thirsty.

Ilgm fem seeds. Blue dream, white widow and mowie wowie.

I got 40 percent shade on the outside with 6ml clear plastic on 3 walls mostly for privacy laws and wind. The roof and 1 wall are just shaded for circulation. First try working good so far. I germinated on 4/20.

So what I’m getting is you want them dry just nothing extreme. I was gonna chop them a bit wet to hopefully slow the drying process. My weather is normally 80s by late September,early October. But the humidity is like 15 percent. Just gotta battle mother nature for this one. Better than battling the wife to dry them inside. At least I have a chance with mother nature.

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I have 6ml plastic covering one of my greenhouses works great for me its easy to repair. It just needs to get me through harvest.


Nice :+1: what’s the strain?

One Banana Kush and one Black Widow