Drying with the lights on

I have a dry rack with 8 levels or racks. The 1st 2 racks are buds. I tied the other rack upwards so it looks like only 2 racks. I put black bag around the sides of rack to block light and left the bottom open for air circulation. I have fan and carbon filter. The temp stays around 69- 72. Will this damage my harvest?

Do you have a closet you can use? Put a hygrometer in a closet or room that remains dark and see what the temps and RH are there.
The issue I could see happening is the sides are covered and will restrict the air flow and depending on the RH in the tent could cause problems like mold. Also I would think some light would still shine on the buds at the bottom.
I’ve never tried what your trying and it may be fine and if you have to keep it where it is be sure to mix them up daily and check for any issues. If you can point a fan up at the bottom of the drying rack.

A small fan at the bottom sound like a good idea.

I dont have humidity monitor but i know when my fan is on its very dry. Without the fan the walls of my tent will condensate within a few hours.

Not to mention all the heat of the tent rises upwards.

That is in my opinion an essential tool needed to grow inside. They are cheap from $10-15 for a single unit or for the same price you can get those mini hygrometers about 10 of them for various uses like curing jars and checking say the closet temp and RH to see if that location is better etc

Tru, definitely need one. Plan on curing in C Vault with humidity packs