Drying with no smell

Is there any way I can dry my weed without it smelling. I’ve been trying to find ideas online with no luck

If you have a grow tent with a filter, you can dry it in there.

Some people have been trying out the wedryer. You can read about it in this thread:


I will be trying it soonish bout 2-4 weeks. People on here have used it with good reviews

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It’s like a fine wine it takes months to curate properly it takes months when you get your smell just right sometimes if you grow some really it will smell great then dry and nothing you need to cure it

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I heard about the wedryer the other day if you are drying small amounts ie a couple of oz’s it’s supposed to keep smells down and dry your weed quicker

I have seen and watched a friend water cure and it took the smell pretty much away but it didn’t taste very good, you loose alot of things doing it to and there’s alot more to clean up after to. But it does take most of the smell away

I’ve done the water cure. It does take the smell and taste away. I don’t smoke this but rather make brownies. For those who don’t like the taste of marijuana in their edibles it’s a good option.

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There has been a refrigerator cure in brown paper bag tried and tested on this forum but i don’t recall the tread. Maybe someone here will remember.