Drying time....Humidity question

So…our crop day has arrived and she’s chopped and hanging to start her drying stage…i have no real control of my temp or humidity as we grow in a make shift grow cupboard…luckily my temp is about 20 degrees but my humidity is hitting 75…should I stick in a dehumidifier to lower it or let her go for now…i have 2 fans in there blowing air around so everything seems OK apart from the humidity! Thanks all!

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Yes. Drying should be accomplished with 58 to 62% humidity (and at 68 to 72 degrees F.)


Was worrying it may dry it too quickly though…is that possible??

58 to 62 is the sweet spot. Not to worry.

Humidity is now down to 55% but temps gone up to 23 degrees…im fearing mold obviously like everyone on there first grow…seems to be sticking to these readings…do you all think it’ll be OK? Many thanks all

Hey all…obviously my buds are still drying but they are feeling soft and spongy…definitely shrunk a little in size but I that’s normal…but they do feel soft…is it OK? Am I on the right track…iv turned them everyday and checked for mold…so good so far…it was just the softness that’s worried me…thanks! :sunglasses: