Drying tent and supplies

Good morning folks.

I think I am going to have to put together a drying tent.

I have no idea on what this would entail.

I will put it up in my milkhouse / growroom. The temp in that room is 78°f with about 65%rh.

I am sure I will need a small dehumidifier in there and a fan for the inside and an exhaust fan but I am sure I will need other stuff.

Any thoughts?

Depending on the size of the room I think just a small ac would bring your temperature down to the 60s and dry the air enough. As long as there’s no windows you wouldn’t even need a tent. Then just a small fan

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I’ve got plants in the room so I gotta make a suitable area in the same space.


@Hellraiser have any advice?

I’m even thinking about just building one from a tutorial on youtube… but I have zero experience with such matters.

My drying tent is pretty simple, just a tent and a AC Infinity T6 exhaust fan and one circulation fan (bottom of tent, always on for air circulation). I set the T6 to run exhaust when RH in the tent goes over 60, it runs constantly for first couple days and then cycles on/off as needed until the buds are at the desired level of dry.

Only issue I see with it being in your grow room is the temps, cold is better than warm, I’m usually at 65-68F and 60RH for drying.

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Then I need to commandeer another spot!

Thank you!

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