Drying temp and humidity

Chopped my WWs yesterday and hung them to dry. I’ve seen other posts where folks shoot for around 60F and 50%. Since it’s freaky cold here at the moment my dry room conditions are 50F and 42%.

I think I’m OK but these parameters are lower than what I’ve read here. I could add a small heater but it’s going to warm up in the next couple of days and I’d rather not mess with it as it might get too hot in there.



LOTS of airflow at low temps. Cold and damp is a recipe for mildew so to combat it put many fans on plant material. Keep a close eye on it too.


Thanks. So you consider 42% damp? I have one fan blowing around under them. Do I need a fan blowing right on them? It seems that might cause more rapid drying.

I could run my intake fan at low speed. That would blow air across the lot of them.

I’m more concerned with the low temps. My ambient here hovers around 40% with a whole house humidifier and I sometimes still pick up static so no, 42% is not damp.

Thanks @Myfriendis410. I’ll put my little heater down there.

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So what would be considered perfetc temp and humidity parameters for drying. This is only my second season and last year I had a huge fan on them but it was too cold I think