Drying superskunk


How are you hooking that up? I already found a way to mount a hygrometer on the bucket lid!


I meant the food saver bags. You can reseal them if opened.


Right, but when you cut the seal to open them, you lose almost 2" of bag.


Well true.


I was just doing some more LST, and my fingers smell more sweet and spicy than they do skunky. Is that normal?


Lol :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I used to grow single strains each time and would need the room harvestting 6-10 plants ofvthe same strain and jarring them individually in qaurt jars became tedious lol so i solve that with five gallon buckets
If it help it been a while since ive needed them
I normally only do two olants of a starin still have 6-10 hoing at any given time but no need for the buckets at harvest time


I have a vacuum pump since im in the hvac industry and a small ball valve installed on the lids cant use food saver on them @Whodat66


The hose attachment on the sealer could probably be rigged to a silicone inlet or something on the bucket if you needed a lot of curing space. I was thinking stackable racks that fit in the bucket to keep it separated.

But when I saw the post about the jars, I already have everything to do that. But If I get bigger jars, I need fewer hygrometers :wink: And they’ll hold bigger buds!


I have a vacuum pump but it’s not for jars :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Might be a future investment for all those frosty nuggies you’ll be stocking up clone-man! I like the idea of the glass jars just because you can see.

Like if you see moisture you can yank them immediately and put them back out to dry. I’d hate to find out 24hrs later when I burp it and it smells a little ‘off’.


Lol. I hope that’s the problem I’ll be having.


You can probably rig up some sort of lid then but for 10$ it might be cheaper if you just get jar attachment

I used 1/4 brass ball valves on my bucket so i can hook up hose to vacuum pump to my gauge manifold and pull a vacuum ball valve allows me to disconnect haos and place bucket fir storage
Youll need a ball vale set up for each bucket you do and keep in mind brass is not cheap so fitting add up quickly lol
@Whodat66 if your product is dried properly you should not have moisture building up in jars
A few points maybe but not much
Burping is to release the off gases that happens when curing not so much to control humidity
I try to dry my harvest in a room that is around 55% humidity and never jar my buds if the stem dont snap off from branch


If you have the pump and the bucket it air-tight, I was thinking a flimsy rubber or silicone hose or upside down funnel sealed to the lid, then just pull the vacuum through that and seal it.

A syringe housing would work too, then just drop the plunger in as the stopper.

But a ‘balloon inlet’ (like those sturdy “punching ball” balloons) would allow you to pull the vacuum and then just pinch it shut and roll it, seal it, clamp it, whatever.


That might work with the bucket in a vacuum it will want to suck in when hose is removed so you need to seal it fast lol


When is it time to burp? I have a shed to cure. Won’t bottle until the branch snaps off. 7-10 days, right?


7-10 days on average sometimes it can take a little longer if the humidity is high out in the shed
Start burping as soon as you jar them
Twice a day for 15-20 minuets for the first two weeks then once a day for third week forth week you should be nice and stable but check it once a week and let it sit closed for the long cure
Look at like its a fine wine just gets better with age


Vacuum jar?


I hope that’s normal I have 12 beautiful ss smell is sweet and spicy.


Oh my my friend. I love samples!


Using a food saver machine and jar sealers to remove air from jar during storage and curing
I only do this after the burping process is completed