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I would like to know what kind of effect using a food dehydrator?

I’ve read on here that they actually work really well for drying. The aroma may dissipate at first but comes back during cure

Im old school myself and like to slow dry my stuff 7-10 days normally
Curing takes a minimum of 4 weeks after burping is done and longer is always best
2-4 months is ideal
what i would do it take a small amount and try it
See what happens

Since ive never used one to dry my smoke i cant say if you’d loose flavor or not
If you try it post your results and tag me into the post im curious to know how it works


hi fam man where did you read about this? Im thinkin on dropping a bit of cash on a new dehydrator.

Somewhere on here I think. Try the search bar. It makes sense thought. It works for food.

Yeah, I might use the dehydrator on the very lowest setting (90-ish degrees F) for a bud or two at a time if I was Jone’s-ing. Way better than the oven, less chance of damage or over-doing it. Still not optimum so I would do it as needed and keep the house smelling wonderful :slight_smile:

If I was just looking to get the whole thing done quicker (for sale or something) I would look into the vacuum-jar cure. Do the normal 7-10day slow-dry, but then supposedly cut your curing time down to a week or so.

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Any of you guys vacuum packed finished product?? I have a food saver I was thinking of using.

I actually do the vacuum sealing on my jars after burping and it does speed up the curing process
I still like to cure as long as possible but ive definitely been know to start smoking mine as soon as it was dry enough when ive been out of smoke lol
@Familyman buy the jar attachments it works great

They also sell the wide mouth alone

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Yes in jars, no in bags unless there is something in the bag (like an open jar) to keep the flowers from crushing. With a Boveda pack if they are satisfactorily cured (or close enough)

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I have the wide-mouth, and was keeping an eye out for the big half-gallon jars for this harvest :wink: Canning stuff should be on sale soon :wink:

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You can also place a jar with out lid in a bag then seal bag but the attachment is inexpensive and saves on plastic bags which gets expensive
I need to get some of the big gallon mason jars myself
I actually have 5gal food grade buckets with sealed lids that i use when i have a single strain grow and bumper crop lol


That and when you burp and reseal you lose bag ever time you open it.

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I know from making sausage and packing it that the bags do add up quick

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You can get the wide mouth attachment for like 10$ so its a worthwhile investment

Great to know!

The bags are resealable

Show off!!! Lol

Lol what @Familyman

If you are talking about the zip-lock things with the hand-pump, don’t waste your $$$ I don’t think they would seal something odd like a jar. Maybe a square container that fits in the bag though.

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The 5 gallon buckets.