Drying sugar leaves


I have a tiny amount of sugar leaves, 9 grams. How do I dry them and what can I do with this small amount. I was told you need more to make cannabutter. Can I just dry them, grind them up and put it in a brownie mix?


Just lay out on news paper or put in a brown paper bag takes about 3 days (+/-). Then make butter out of your trim ("Cannabutter)


I put them in the oven for 1/2 hour at 220, worked great. I’m making cannabutter in the slow cooker on low tonight. Thanks anyway.


You got it !! ever hear of the “Magic Butter Machine” ?


The oven method worked for me as well 210 for 30-45 minutes should be good! Happy Growing!


No, but I’l google it when I finish here. I made my cannabutter last night in a small crock pot, just refrigerated it awhile age with the water. I’ll have green butter in the morning.


sounds like you will have some “butter” !!! don’t get too baked ! Perfer to use crock pot feel that that baking it you lose some thc because of the heat


That would depend, I think, on the boiling point of THC. Perhaps @MacGyverStoner could weigh in with the proper temp for heating?


recommended temp - 180 to- 200 degree’s that your “decarbonization” temp (temp in which the thc “binde’s” to the oil’s)