Drying questions

I have a basement that stays 67 degrees and 60 - 62% humidity all the time. I put my AC Infinity 3’x3’ tent down there and hook up my Spider Farmer 6” inline fan and turn it on a run speed of 1, the inside of that tent stays 67 degrees and 60% humidity around the clock. I also have a 6” oscillating fan setting almost on the floor pointed down at the floor just to keep air moving but never touches the medicine hanging above. Will this dry like I want it to or will the intake fan set on speed 1 dry to fast? I sat in the tent and don’t feel any air moving other than the oscillating fan at the bottom. Thanks



Just enough to keep the air moving in the drying room.

It usually takes about a week with these conditions.


Ya thats gonna work well, i have those conditions pretty regularly and things work out real good for me


I dream of those conditions lol. I’ve been stuck hanging at around 70/45. Cold days ahead though, so should have better conditions come next harvest.


As the others stated, those are near perfect drying conditions. I’m jealous haha

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