Drying Question?

I harvested a lady a couple days ago. Is it okay to harvest another one and add to the 4x4 dry tent that already has a plant in it that’s been drying for 2 days? I’m currently running 75F and 60RH. My concern is adding a freshly washed lady to the mix screw up the first lady? Thanks for the feed back!

It should be fine.
With 75% rh be sure to have air movement in the tent.
I try for 60rh 60f.


Agree with @Drinkslinger I probably should have asked this question also before doing it. My situation is a little different as I don’t have a tent but a 5x10 veg room. With bud rot I was harvesting a plant every few days and adding them to the same room. They all dried fine.

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