Drying question

A question from a fellow grower:

So Im on my 5th grow. Past 2 grows everything seemed to be good. My plants had a deep healthy green color, the smell was very strong, and the buds are layered with thick thc. Yet after I dry it for 7 days and jar and burp it for a month to me it seem as if Im not getting the expected results as I would hope from the way my plants look. Do you have any products or possibly can pinpoint what it is I may need to improve on to get that punch that Im looking for in the potency of the bud. I buy high quality seeds and i grow in sub cool super soil recipe.

Sounds like you could maybe use more potassium and phosphorous during bloom?

I’m sorry, we’d need to know more about your grow and I don’t know anything about sub cool super soil recipe.

Your plant could want more nutes other than what’s in the super soil you made.also did you check trichomes before harvest to make sure the plant had finished?

Cash has a great point, you are checking the trichomes, maybe what you called “layered with thick THC”, under magnification, so you can see the ripening color inside and harvest when they are all fully cloudy milky white with maybe more or less some amber, depending on preference?

Item sorry to bother you this way but having a hard time figuring things.
But. Anyway you had sent me a video on cleaning your plants. I hope you remember it wasn’t all that long ago. Would you if you don’t mind send me that link again please. Sorry to ask but really need to do thi as.
Thank you for your time Mac

B Safe

Do you mean the George Cervantes you-tube video where he uses H2O2 and distilled water to clean powdery mildew from freshly harvested buds?


Yes that’s it I need to clean the DE off my buds


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Yes Thank You Very Very much


Stoner this is to funny your not going to believe this but that guy looks just like me. He could be my twin brother No lie.
Now you know what lookalike…lol


Jorge Cervantes is old school, from High Times magazine back in the day. He doesn’t disguise himself at all anymore, and he’s got long gray hair and still sports a goatee, though…

Same here, you see him, you see me…lol
Any way thank you sir