Drying question. Exhaust fan and filter only!

I just harvested and am hang drying 4 complete plants in a 2x4. I am using a carbon filter and an exhaust fan on its lowest setting. Air is coming in through the flap and openings that are meant for ducting…is this enough air circulation?

It is a very small space. All help is appreciated!

I put a small fan in the tent not blowing directly onto the buds just moving air around congratulations on your harvest


Yep, you don’t need much and no direct fans blowing on it. You want to just barely exchange the air


You might need a small oscillating fan underneath the plants


I like to move the air enough that the plants have a little sway when they’re hanging. Not blowing directly on them, but in general direction

Thanks for all the replying! I added a small fan basically just blowing across the bottom of the tent. All I can really do as itnis a very small plant and these 4 are bigger than I thought.

The gorilla glue auto probably has another two weeks on the main tent and after harvest, I will just dry in there.