Drying - Pinhole of Light - I don’t get it?

I’m getting ready to harvest my GG4 auto in about 4 days.

I plan to dry in my lung room (which is a fully insulated shed with AC and dehumidifier

What I don’t get is how can a pinhole of light be bad for drying? I’ve read where growers go through great pains to eliminate even the smallest pinhole of light?

I’m just not getting how the drying can be impacted by a little light?

Interesting. I’ve never been concerned at all with light in a drying room. Sometimes I leave the light on, sometimes not. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Where did you hear this from?


Light during drying isn’t a problem you just don’t want more light then you would with your normal storage practices.

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I had never heard that either. I use a cheap 4x4 grow tent to dry.

Only for the environment control.

I’ve had no issues… It’s the one tent I haven’t bothered taping small leds on my heater and humidifier.

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I must have remembered incorrectly.

I do recall growers being very concerned with every pinhole (for instance around the tent zipper). I must be confusing it with something other than drying.


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It may be flowering for photos. People can get riled up about things they think might cause a hermie.


The problem with light when drying is that light does degrade the trichs and terpenes the same way it degrades vinyl, leather and plastic. Too intense for too long will lower quality but it is not generally a problem.
The problem with light during dark period is combination of some hype and some science. Too much/too intense will confuse the plant and can make it try to produce seeds by any means possible(herm’ing).