Drying outdoors

I got 10 big plants I am drying whole, just took the fan leaves off. They are drying in the shed, with a roof on but no sides. We put tarp around the drying area. I live in New England, it’s nice and breezy in there, but a bit cold, with high around mid 50s. Its been 2 weeks, and thin branches are not snapping, just bending.
Would you say to give it more time, I do not think mold will develop in breezy and cool conditions. Or should I consider bringing them somewhere indoors to finish the drying process. Somewhere I read it should not be drying for more than 2 weeks. What do you think, guys. So far everything looks alright, do not want to blow it after all this hard work. Thanks

Mold can develop in all kinds of conditions actually. I did the snap test and it wasn’t an effective way to test if it’s ready or not.

Why? What I had was 6.57oz that was supposed to be dry actually turned into 3.32oz dry and ready finally.

I guess they are supposed to feel like cotton balls. But I don’t have much feelings in both hands so that doesn’t work for me either.

I did start trimming branches while drying off the main stem. I think this helped dry it better.


Take a representative sample of flower and put in a quart or 1/2 gallon mason jar with a small hygrometer. This will tell you what the moisture content of your flower is.

If you go too long it’s gonna get funky. 10 days is about right.


@Myfriendis410 What RH% would tell you if it’s ready or not…62%?


I’m happy with a final RH of 62%. I dry until I’m getting close then box up all of my flower in a sealed plastic container (5 gallon bucket works) with a gauge and through opening and closing, cocking the lid, moving fans around etc I can bring the plant material down to my final RH gently without going past it (IMO a bad thing). Different times of the year require different forms of ingenuity.


Cool…thanks for that little piece of info. I’ve been drying 7 to 10 days. But it took longer for my 19” cola to dry longer than the rest of the plant.

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Thanks I appreciate all your suggestions. I will measure the humidity, and then go from there. I like the idea of putting them in a container, there is lots of trimming to be done, it will buy me more time