Drying outdoors or in tents?

So this season will be my first grow ever, though I’m confident that I will get a good yield. But what’s a good way to dry it outdoors? I live on my families land, which is where my plants will be scattered, but can’t possibly bring the harvest in the house or shed and dry it.
Could I insulate a tent and use a battery powered fan/very low heat battery powered heater to dry the harvest? (I can get a pretty d@mn good sized tent, and was thinking about lining the inside with a silver tarp.

I live in a humid continental climate (gets dryer in very late summer) and if the tent thing works, would be setting it up in the woods on my land. Any tips for outdoor drying??? Thanks!

Hang it in your barn basement garage whatever it is you have you want your temperatures between 68° and no higher than 80 with you maybe around 20 to 35% tops