Drying out on the plant

The buds are drying out on the plant, not all are really bad. What is happening? There are a few bugs around that I’m trying to take care off. Thought crickets, but now found some webbing, small green cricket looking bugs in bud? Put diatomaceous soil on and going to put insecticide but scary. Trichomes aren’t turning amber, I’m worried. Brought these in from outside a while back, they are in grow tent with 600 watt lights. Harvested a plant that was outside planted two weeks earlier than these and was great. First two photos are the bad, troubled buds, second two are same plant but seem ok. Harvest?

Any suggestions?

Sorry, 1st picture is good bud, last three- 2 have webs, one is dried out, very bad, crumbly

Pics of how they looked earlier

Looks like a large infestation of spider mites to me! I am no expert but at this point you may want to harvest and do a bud wash before drying.


Will the spider mites cause the birds to dry up like they are?

The combination of bugs and white powder mildew are drying them out.


I have a history with spider mites. Since my many debacles with them I keep a small 5 dollar black light beside my grow, and inspect every day or two or often as possible.
Its hard to see the mites and had at times to see the beginning of their webs, blend in with the frost if buds.

What you see is not white powder mildew, I put diatomaceous soil on the plants to try to kill the bugs. I didn’t have a duster so I got a little too thick. I wonder if that’s a problem

If I harvest and clean can the buds still be used

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Give it a shot. You’re so close, what do u have to lose. Tell us what happened.